Get a sneak peek at the new, learn about the new Team Suite in ACTIVE Works, read about 5 ways to capitalize on participants’ New Year’s resolutions, and more.
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Happy 2013! Did you make any resolutions? Here at ACTIVE, all of our resolutions are geared toward building better technology and resources for our customers...and we’re focused on delivering that promise to you over the next year. We hope our January articles give you some good info that will help you ring in the New Year right.

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Race Director Blog
5 Ways to Capitalize on Participants’ New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year – everyone is making resolutions to improve their lives, and it’s no surprise that losing weight and exercising more is at the top of most lists. As an event director, you can capitalize on the resolutions your participants are making by encouraging them to stick to it, which will create interest in your event as a byproduct.

Here are 5 ways you can support your participants’ New Year’s Resolutions to get fit and healthy:

1. Articles. Provide your participants with articles and resources on...

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Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks
We recently added a new section to your event in ACTIVE Works called the Team Suite. This is located in the Teams tab and can be used to view all the teams, navigate to a specific team roster, verify the team captain, and confirm the team sizes against the minimum and maximum capacities (if applicable).

Access the Team Suite:

  1. Log in
  2. Select your organization
  3. Select the event
  4. Click on the Teams tab

From here you can see a list of teams in alphabetical order. Navigate to the next page by using the numbers at the bottom of the screen, or search for teams with the search feature in the upper right side.

View a team roster:

  1. Click on the Teams tab
  2. Locate the team and click on the blue team name in the “Teams” column
    NOTE: The minimum and maximum columns will only be populated for the group-registration team configuration. If you are using self-registration team configuration, these columns will remain empty.
  3. Under the “Team Members” section, you can see the roster, including the captain
  4. Click Add to add a participant through the offline registration tool
  5. Select a participant and click More to:
    1. Change the team captain
    2. Assign a team member to a different team
    3. Cancel the registration
    4. Transfer the participant to another category

To download a report of teams, please go to the Reports tab and select the Teams report (this provides team name, captain, and contact information) or create a Custom Report.

Want to learn more product tricks? Click here to find out what’s new in ACTIVE Works.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of ACTIVE Works. Get live product training (it’s free!) – register here.

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Sam Fiandaca

Event Director of the Month
Sam Fiandaca, Brazen Racing

Toward the end of 2008, Sam Fiandaca and his wife Jasmin started to think about organizing their own races. Both runners, Sam and Jasmin thought putting on their own events might be a good way to make some extra money in a slow economy. Brazen Racing was born and the first event, Nitro Trail Half Marathon/10K/5K, was held in 2009 on the trails of a local park Sam frequented.

The original plan was to offer just a half marathon distance, but Sam and Jasmin wanted to make the event more accessible and added the 10K and 5K distances. Those three distance options would become the standard for most of Brazen Racing’s events and seemed to attract a healthy cross section of participants.

When asked how the first Nitro Trail went, Sam laughs. “It didn’t go very well to be honest with you. I relied on my experience as a participant to figure out what things I would need to account for. I didn’t reach out to any other event directors and didn’t have a mentor, so I imitated what I saw at other races (for example, marking off the course, setting up the start and finish line, etc).” As Sam easily admits, he “quickly figured out all the things I’d forgotten!” when race day rolled around. He was expecting about 100 participants and over 250 people showed up. Sam, Jasmin, their 6-week old baby, and a handful of volunteers struggled to manage the unexpected participants. “I went in very green. I was still marking the course on race morning and I timed the event with a Sharpie and a piece of paper!”

Despite the first-timer mistakes, a lot of people enjoyed the event and went home with a nice medal and t-shirt. Sam admits that he and Jasmin may have hung up the laces at that point if they hadn’t already committed to putting on an event a few months later. “Of course we overcompensated for our second event,” Sam says. “We planned it to a T and had a ton of volunteers.” The event was the Bear Creek Half Marathon/10K/5K, a hilly trail run that hit over 100 degrees on race day. But it was very successful and attracted more than 450 participants, which let Sam and Jasmin breathe a huge sigh of relief.

From that point on, Brazen Racing took off. Four events in 2009 grew to 13 events in 2010, 21 events in 2011 and 23 in 2012, averaging about 1000 participants per event. By the middle of 2010, it became clear to both Sam and Jasmin that events would be a full-time gig. They quit their “day” jobs to focus completely on Brazen Racing.

In addition to Sam and Jasmin, there is one other full time employee and a handful of part-time employees. Managing 23 events a year stretches such a small staff pretty thin, but you’d never know it because the Brazen Racing team operates so efficiently. Most of the events sell out and this trail series has become one of the most popular in California.

“I don’t know exactly why we grew so fast,” Sam notes. “I will say that our races focus on the runner’s experience and we do everything we can to welcome anyone whether they are the fastest runner or slowest walker. We want them to have a good memory of the event from beginning to end. We put a little extra effort into creating fun t-shirts, medals, and food (participants get It’s-It ice cream sandwiches at all of our finish lines).”

Brazen Racing’s events are also influenced by the popularity of ultra running. “In comparison with road running, trail races and ultras have more of an ‘alternative/hippie/rebellious’ vibe to them, which appeals to a lot people. Not everybody can run 300 miles and fuel with an entire pizza and cheesecake (like Dean Karnazes), but a lot of them can run through a creek and make it up to the top of some steep hills and enjoy some junk food they might otherwise shun!”

Ultimately, with Brazen Racing it’s not about running fast or even improving fitness. “Running makes people happy and we think the world could use more happy people,” Sam comments. “Trail runs are less about PRs and more about personal challenge. We just want people to get out there and be active.”

When talking about what makes him happy, Sam says “The best part of the job is seeing people get so much joy and satisfaction from the simple act of running.” One perk of being an event director, especially with smaller races like his, is that you have a lot of creative freedom. You do need park approvals and such, but if you want to name your race after an absurd mascot, create an unusual course or have something completely different for your post-race food, there’s nothing stopping you – no committee approval needed!

Thinking back over the past three years and the lessons he’s learned, the three things Sam would advise new race directors to keep in mind are:

1) Keep the course simple—avoid backtracking, turns and two-way traffic
2) Overprepare, especially for your first event. Get extra volunteers, t-shirts and medals; interview seasoned event directors to make sure you’re thinking of all details; plan to overspend a little to give participants a great experience
3) Spend extra time on doing the little things that will personalize your event. For example, Brazen Racing offers a big variety of t-shirt options, which Sam and Jasmin pre-stuff into bags for pickup at the event. Sam says ACTIVE’s system makes it really easy to manage complex merchandise sales. Contact us to find out how easy it can be for you, too.

Congratulations to Sam Fiandaca and Brazen Racing for being our January Event Director of the Month!

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What’s new
Get a Sneak Peek at the New

We are giving a new look! And adding some pretty cool features too. Why does this matter to you? It will now be even easier for participants to find your event listing and register quickly, putting more feet on your start line. The new is all about making it easier to connect people with the things they love to do, with features like better search functionality, more personalization, and an emphasized “community” feel. And you’ll also notice that we are upgrading our pictures, so everything will look even sharper. All of these changes are geared to draw more people to our site and to your event, encouraging them to hang out for awhile and welcoming them back time after time.

Want to check out the new before anyone else? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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Triathlon Business International

Keynote Speakers Announced for the Triathlon Business International 2013 Conference

The 3rd Annual Triathlon Business International Conference will be held February 10-12 in beautiful San Diego! This three-day event is designed to help increase your company’s footprint in the triathlon industry. The theme of this year’s conference is “Mining Triathlon Gold” and there are some incredible speakers lined up.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Olympic swimmer Gary Hall, Jr.
  • Olympic triathlete & Ironman champion Andy Potts
  • Cervelo CEO Phil White
  • USA Triathlon CEO Rob Urbach

Register Now – you don’t want to miss hearing these guys speak! Plus, there will be great networking opportunities and educational sessions.

Click here for more information on the conference.

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Alicia Towery

Team Member Spotlight
Alicia Towery, Technical Account Manager

As a technical account manager for the endurance industry, I closely consult with our top 100 event organizers who use our online products. I do my best to meet their specific event needs and help optimize their operations. I provide training as well as assist in managing their online registration. Aside from work, I enjoy being outside in our San Diego sunshine with friends, family and my boyfriend. I live a very active lifestyle of practicing yoga, running and hiking.

My ACTIVE is...
Getting down dog. Yoga. Running. Hiking. Fun.

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