Get prepped for Facebook’s new search, meet the Rocky Mountain Events team, get results of our event director survey, and more.
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Event directors know that they need more than the luck ‘o the Irish to be successful! March’s Edge will hopefully give you some great info—from waivers to Facebook to a user conference—that will help you make your own luck.

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Race Director Blog
Are You Ready For Facebook’s New Graph Search?

In mid-January, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg presented Graph Search as Facebook’s new social search engine. It’s still in beta mode, but event directors need to know what’s coming their way.

Graph Search pulls four things into one searchable place: people, places, interests, and photos. With those all available, it’s possible for Facebookers to… Read the full article

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Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks
How to Send Waiver Reminders

Depending on how your event is set up, some participants may not have signed the necessary waivers during their registration (e.g. if someone else registered them or if the participant sent in an offline registration). There are two ways to send a reminder to ensure that important waiver gets signed.

  1. To send the waiver to one participant:

  2. Log in
    • Click on Participants
    • Search for the participant > highlight him or her > View
    • Click Re-send Confirmation Email
    • Click Send

    NOTE: The confirmation email contains a unique link at the bottom that a registrant can click to submit an electronic signature. The reports in ACTIVE Works® will then be updated from “Unsigned” to “Signed”.

  3. Send the waiver to multiple participants (broadcast email):

  4. Log in
    • Click on Dashboard
    • In the “Actions For This Event” column, click Send Waiver Reminder
    • Enter a message in the text box (HTML coding accepted). Example:

      You are receiving this message because a signed waiver is mandatory for participation in our event. Because the waiver was not signed at the time of your registration, please follow the link below to complete this part of the registration process.

    • Click Send Reminder

    NOTE: The waiver reminder will include a unique link at the bottom that each registrant can click to submit an electronic signature when finished. The reports in ACTIVE Works® will then be updated from “Unsigned” to “Signed”.

Get more out of ACTIVE Works. Get live product training (it’s free!) – register here.

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Scot Harris
Scot Harris
Scott Olmsted
Scott Olmsted

Event Director of the Month
Scot Harris & Scott Olmsted, Rocky Mountain Events

Founded in 1997, Rocky Mountain Events promotes and produces quality cycling events throughout Colorado, including the Elephant Rock Cycling Festival, The Copper Triangle, 24 Hours of ERock, and Tour of the Moon. Elephant Rock celebrates its 26th year in 2013 and, with about 7500 participants, is an “everyman’s” ride offering six different courses (both road and off-road courses) and a kids race. The Copper Triangle is in its 8th year and has sold out at 3000 riders for the past six years running. Tour of the Moon is in its 2nd year and is anticipated to sell out at 2000 riders.

Scot Harris, Event CO Director, and Scott Olmsted, Sponsorship and Event Manager, talked with us recently about how their events have earned the reputation as some of the best cycling events in Colorado.

How did Rocky Mountain Events get its start?

Harris: I was hired to start the promotions department of the Rocky Mountain Sports Magazine back in 1987. Fairly soon after than we came up with the idea for the Elephant Rock Ride because we saw a need for a good early-season century ride and also wanted more promotional opportunities for advertisers.

I worked as the publisher for the magazine while overseeing the event, which I loved. In 1997, Rocky Mountain Sports sold the magazine to Windy City Sports and I decided to purchase the promotional side of things, which became Rocky Mountain Events.

Olmsted: I started working here full time with Scot in 2006. I taught his kids how to swim at our local pool and began helping out at events, which grew into an internship and then a job out of college. I had experience organizing walks and outdoor events like ski races and concerts, and then got into cycling events like the Bicycle Tour of Colorado.

I handle most of the sponsorships and fulfillment as well as manage the online registration, expos, social media, etc. There’s only the two of us here managing the three events, so we’re pretty busy with a lot of different things.

How have you grown and differentiated your events?

Harris: Our passion has always been cycling and every single one of our events has started with an original idea for the market. We watch what’s going on in the industry and I even quiz my riding buddies on what would make our events better, which has helped us improve and grow.

Plus, our philosophy has always been to only produce events we own. It’s important for us to stay focused and be selective. We didn’t want to start an event just to start an event. We were patient and learned what we’re good at, then chose the right projects.

Olmsted: As far as our riders, we want their experiences to be the best they can be. Whether it’s the look of our marketing materials or course safety or the post-race experience, we work hard to provide that value to them.

Do you have a charitable aspect to all of your events?

Olmsted: We like to give back to the community. The events aren’t set up to benefit one charity—we prefer to give people options on the causes they’d like to support.

Harris: We’ve got a great opportunity to help non-profit organizations and we’re lucky enough to work with a demographic of consumers who have the mindset and financial ability to support charities. Every event we’ve done has had a charitable aspect.

You have very little sponsor turnover, which is rare. How do you do it?

Olmsted: We try to make sure sponsors see the value. We want them to feel like it’s the best money they’ve ever spent so they come back each year. We go out of our way to make them feel welcome at the events and they see how much fun people are having which can positively translate to their brand.

Harris: Cycling reaches such a broad spectrum of people and from the beginning our intention was to reach out to the recreational rider rather than target the high-end racing marketing. This larger audience is more attractive and has more benefits for sponsors.

What next?

Harris: I knew 28 years ago when I got started in this industry that I didn’t want to spend every weekend running an event. I’d rather spend most of my weekends riding myself! We plan to keep doing a small number of events really well and I’ll continue to ride my bike and enjoy it.

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Take Our Survey

What’s new
Results of Top 5 Challenges Survey

Last month we asked you to tell us about the top five challenges you face on a regular basis and we got a lot of great responses. Here are the results:

1. Getting enough sponsor support 78.9%
2. Getting enough participants registered 60.5%
3. Promoting & getting media coverage for my event 47.4%
4. Getting enough volunteers 39.5%
5. Competing with other events 31.6%

Getting sponsor support is the top challenge by far, with getting enough participants coming in second. We put our heads together and came up with a few things that may help you tackle these issues:

  • We’ve got an upcoming free webinar that focuses on sponsorships – register here.
  • We’ve also saved all of our past webinars and quite a few address ways that will help you promote your event and get more participants. Check them out.
  • Look into a YAVAY sponsorship page, the first global sponsorship marketplace that enables corporate sponsorship decision-makers to find and connect with brands like your event.
  • Looking for extra help? Contact us for a 1:1 consultation on your event. We’ve got lots of experience to share, and we can help you.

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ACTIVE World Logo

Last Chance to Register for ACTIVE World User Conference
April 9-11, 2013
San Diego, CA

Don’t forget about one of the best opportunities you’ll have to network with some of the top race directors in the industry. ACTIVE World is right around the corner!

We created this three-day conference to bring our top customers together to engage in conversations that spark ideas and learn about different, better ways to use ACTIVE’s technology. It’s going to be fun, interactive and unexpected, and you’ll walk away with new ideas and smart techniques for your event.

Check out our list of breakout sessions.

Register now before you miss out!

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Mark Delaney

Team Member Spotlight
Mark Delaney, Account Manager

As an account manager for the endurance sports team, I consult with event directors to aid in the development of strategic plans with a focus on participation, revenue, and fundraising goals. In addition, I educate my clients on ACTIVE’s tools, resources and industry best practices.

I am a sports enthusiast as a participant and spectator. In particular, I love to ski and know of no greater pleasure than a good powder day. In fact, it was on one of these days that I ‘dropped’ Corbet’s Couloir, a legendary chute in Jackson Hole.

I’m also a keen traveler and always up for a new experience. This attitude is what took me to New Zealand to experience riverboarding which is far scarier than skydiving or bungee jumping! In the future, I would love to hike Half Dome in Yosemite, travel across Europe, and ski in Japan, Switzerland, and Chile.

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