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We love April because Earth Day reminds us to do our best to appreciate and preserve the great outdoors. Now, more than ever, events like yours are important not only because they are the motivation many people need to get off the couch and get outside, but they are at the heart of a community of runners, walkers, cyclists, and swimmers who are determined to keep enjoying the events they love to participate in. We hope April’s Edge has some articles that will help improve your events and encourage more participants to get involved with events like yours.

In this issue:

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Race Director Blog
7 Ways To Promote Your Event With Facebook

Promoting your event or race with social media can be really effective – helping you attract more participants and get your current registrants fired up – if you do it right. It takes some work, but the good news is that you can have some fun because these social channels are so casual and interactive.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are seven Facebook ideas and examples from other events who are doing it well… Read the full article

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Tips and Tricks

Tips & Tricks
New Revenue Report Launched

The new Revenue Report provides a consolidated list of all participant transactions and payments from ACTIVE. This report updates in real time and details every transaction processed by ACTIVE Works® for your organization.

To create an itemized payment summary using the Revenue Report, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to ACTIVE Works
  • Select the Financials tab
  • Click the Revenue link
  • Choose the By Check tab

    • NOTE: This will default to By Check tab

  • Choose to view your reports By Account

    • Select Event for a list of event details per check

  • Select the desired payment account the check was issued from
  • Select the date range for the report
  • Change the Dates drop down menu to one of the following:

    • This Month, This Year, Last Year, or Payment Period

      • NOTE: The time conversion between local and GMT will offset revenue reporting. For most accurate results when checking payment details, sort the report by pay period rather than by date.

  • Click Download
  • Select Ledger Entries
  • Click the link “Download agency ledger entries – mm/dd/yyyy”
  • Report will pull as an excel spreadsheet in CSV format

    • NOTE: All times displayed in reports reflect Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
    • NOTE: The check number or direct deposit number are not displayed with the corresponding transaction until after the payment has been posted.

To create an itemized transaction summary using the Revenue Report, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to ACTIVE Works
  • Select the Financials tab
  • Click the Revenue link
  • Choose the By Event tab

    • NOTE: This will default to By Check tab

  • Choose if you would like to view your reports By Account or By Event
  • Select the desired event or payment account
  • Select the appropriate payment type: All, Credit Card and Payments from ACTIVE, Cash/Check

    • NOTE: Cash/check purchases are offline transactions and are not remitted through ACTIVE.

  • Select the date range for the report

    • NOTE: The time conversion between local and GMT will offset event reporting slightly.

  • Change the Dates drop down menu to one of the following:

    • This Month, This Year, Last Year, or Payment Period

  • Click Download
  • Select Ledger Entries
  • Click the link “Download agency ledger entries – mm/dd/yyyy”
  • Report will pull as a CSV formatted excel spreadsheet

    • NOTE: All times displayed in reports reflect Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Click here to see an update on more changes coming to ACTIVE Works that we think you’ll love.

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John Korff

Event Director of the Month
John Korff, Korff Enterprises, Inc.

John Korff founded Korff Enterprises, Inc. in 1978, although he admits he never thought of himself as a company until 15 years later when his staff picked the name for him (while he was out of the office). Unlike many other endurance organizers, he got his start in the tennis world. After his graduation from Harvard Business School, his friendship with Billie Jean King led him to start and produce one of the first women’s professional tennis tournaments, the A&P Tennis Classic in Mahwah, NJ. During the tournament’s 25-year history, the event attracted 60,000+ spectators annually, received worldwide media coverage, and became known as a warm up for the US Open.

Korff Enterprises is now based in New York City and specializes in creating and producing world-class events. The company currently owns and organizes the Aquaphor New York City Triathlon, one of the world’s largest Olympic distance triathlons which is now in its 13th year, and the Quick Check New Jersey Festival of Ballooning, America’s largest summertime balloon and music festival, among many other events.

John and his company were also responsible for bringing the IRONMAN U.S. Championship to New York in August 2012. The historic event required over eight years of preparation and coordination with over 36 municipalities in New Jersey and New York, as well as every New York City agency.

We talked to John recently about what it’s like to be in the “sweat” business:

What has helped your company be so successful?
We’re very lucky that our backdrop is New York City, which will always attract people. Our measure of excellence isn’t other triathlons, it’s the Macy’s Day Parade, the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop, the New York City Marathon. We recognize that we have the brand “New York City” before the word “Triathlon” in our event name and want to live up to that standard. We run our events like a business.

We’ve been successful to date, but I always think that you should be most focused on your growth when you’re the most popular. That saying “don’t get high on your supply” works for both drug dealers and for event directors. You can’t get too comfortable, every year the race has to be fresh.

So how do you stay fresh?
We primarily look around New York for ideas. We look at what the Yankees are doing or the New York City Marathon. We also are signed up to get emails from 50+ races around the country to see what they’re doing. You can learn from everybody.

Your event cannot be more fun than you, the organizer, are personally capable of having. Your event can’t be more creative that you are. If you know you’re more logistical than creative, surround yourself with creative, fun people. My ideal person to hire wouldn’t have a business degree, it would be the social coordinator from a sorority at the University of Alabama.

How have you been able to get more exposure for the New York City Triathlon?
Tennis tournaments are seven days, but a triathlon is only one day, so I’m always thinking about how to get more exposure than just that single day. Extending the event gives us a better chance to get media coverage (which is almost impossible to get in New York unless you’re causing a traffic jam) and increases sponsorship value.

The capacity of the New York City Triathlon is limited to 6000 participants and we can’t charge more. To grow the event and get more exposure, we added a Diaper Derby at the expo and an Underwear Run and Doggy Dash in Central Park, all on the weekend of the race. These smaller events are unique enough to get media attention while still being branded as part of the triathlon, so this is how we extend our race beyond one day. Nothing beats babies crawling over a sponsor banner.

We also get interns to call all 6000 registrants. We thank them (they’re always surprised to get a thank you, which tells us we need to keep doing it) and ask them for their story. We get some great stories and feature them on our Facebook page and pitch them to media outlets, both locally and in the participant’s hometown. The further away from New York, the easier it is to get coverage. It’s very time intensive, but it’s worth it to us because our race is always featured in the backdrop of the story. And ideally we’ll feature someone with a thousand Facebook friends and they’ll share it, so we can extend our social reach as well.

What’s next?
We talk about what’s next all the time and how to keep our brand fresh and the buzz buzzing. It’s like running a nightclub—you have to think about how to stay hot.

We’re planning to add something new to the race weekend of the 2014 New York City Triathlon. Everyone makes fun of the Hudson River (where the swim portion of the race is held)—like “what’s buried in there,” “you call it dead fish, New Yorkers call it sushi,” etc. We’re going to try to turn a negative into a positive by starting an Urban RiverArt Festival. Teams of people will decorate kayaks or canoes with things they find in the Hudson—lawn chairs, beer cans, things of unclear origin—and then paddle them down the river. It’s going to be a floating parade and we hope to get some good TV coverage out of it.

Learn more about John and Korff Enterprises, Inc.

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Take Our Survey

What’s new
Survey: Tell us about the race director resources you need

Last month we revealed the survey results of the top five challenges race directors face on a regular basis. That leads us to our next question—what resources do you need to conquer those challenges?

Click here to take the survey

As a reminder, ‘getting sponsor support’ was identified as the top challenge by far…here are the results in case you missed them:

1. Getting enough sponsor support 78.9%
2. Getting enough participants registered 60.5%
3. Promoting & getting media coverage for my event 47.4%
4. Getting enough volunteers 39.5%
5. Competing with other events 31.6%

What resources could ACTIVE Network provide to help you be better, stronger, faster… to overcome these challenges? For example, webinar presentations, how-to guides, case studies, video presentations, workshops, 1:1 consultations, or something else altogether… take our survey today.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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ACTIVE World Logo

Recap: ACTIVE World User Conference
April 9-11, 2013
San Diego, CA

We just said farewell to nearly 600 customers who came to San Diego for the 2013 ACTIVE World User Conference. Among them were many of our favorite event directors, who traveled from all over the country to join us! We all enjoyed the keynote speakers, networking, social opportunities, ACTIVEx workouts, and learning about how ACTIVE’s technology helps customers across diverse industries.

Specific to our Endurance sessions, here are some of the ideas shared among race directors (these four below also contributed to a great conference program!):

The team/group phenomenon that has risen from ‘fun’ events is now in huge demand at endurance events.” – Christine Bowen of Running USA & DMSE Sports

Elaborate storytelling is a big part of why our participants are completely drawn into the experience.” – Liam Brenner, Ruckus Events

We are forcing a lot more creativity to activate the sponsorship so it appeals to the experiential consumer. You need to activate sponsorships at a high level.” – Donna Grogan, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society®

An event can’t be more fun than the organizer is personally capable of having. Your event will be as creative as you are. If you’re not creative, hire someone who is.” – John Korff, Korff Enterprises Inc.

We look forward to planning our 2015 event and appreciate your ideas and feedback. Tell us what you would like to see in the 2015 program!

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Danielle Ferree

Team Member Spotlight
Danielle Ferree, Associate Sales Representative

I’m the person new customers first speak with when they are interested in learning about ACTIVE’s products and services. Because we get so many inquiries, it’s important for us to spend some time getting to know more about someone’s business and challenges right off the bat. From there, I can determine who would be the best account representative to work with and connect our customers with that person to continue the conversation in a more in-depth manner.

I work with all types of endurance event directors—cycling, triathlon, running, MOB, you name it. Any questions they have about our products or organizing an endurance event in general, I am here to help.

Participating in triathlons, running, surfing and spending time with family and friends.

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