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You know all those mysterious people who get halfway through registration and then just drop off? They’ve been elusive…until now. In this issue we’ll tell you how to pull a Prospective Registrations Report, gaining access to all of those “maybes” so you can encourage them to finish their registrations. We’ll also tell you a few scary registration stories that happened to your peers (so you can avoid them) and introduce you to Dan Hill of the insanely popular Electric Run. And finally, we’d like to show you the newly redesigned ACTIVE.com and tell you how it will benefit your event. Enjoy!

In this issue:


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Race Director Blog
5 Scary Things You Don’t Want to Happen with Registration


Over the past year or two, we’ve heard a few scare stories from event directors–responsible, good event directors–whose registration technology failed them and caused some big problems. We want to share these stories because we don’t want them to happen to you. You may assume that your technology provider has these things covered (and they should, it’s their job), but that’s not always the case. So here are five scary things you don’t want to happen with registration…and should guard yourself against:

  1. Weak Data Security: We don’t have to tell you how critically important it is to ensure your... Read the full article

This article was posted on our blog on July 24th. If you want to know as soon as an article is posted, subscribe to our blog and you’ll get an email alert. Click here to subscribe

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Tips & Tricks
How to Use the Prospective Registration Report to Increase Registrations

Tips and Tricks
  1. Log into ACTIVE Works
  2. Click the event name, located in the Your Events section of the Organization Dashboard
  3. Click the Invitations tab
  4. Click Prospective Registrations
  5. Select the appropriate Dates filter option
  6. Click Download
  7. Click the Download Prospective Registration Report link

Now that you’ve got a list of prospective registrants, you can market to them! Send a tailored email and invite them to complete their registration. Include information that sells your event and perhaps even offer them a discount or coupon. Remember that these prospective registrants are on right on the edge of making their decision, so give them a nudge!

NOTE: All times displayed in reports reflect Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
NOTE: If the user abandoned the registration several times under the same event, the report includes all the records.

Watch instructional videos and get more tips and tricks in the Help Center.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of ACTIVE Works, register here for FREE live product training.

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Event Director of the Month
Dan Hill, Electric Run

Dan Hill

How did you get your start as an event director?
I was at BYU studying economics and planning to go to grad school when one of my mentors recommended that I start a business. I thought it would be really fun to do an event like the Hood to Coast Relay, so I started the Ragnar Relay with my Dad and Tanner Bell. The initial event was in Utah in 2004 with 260 participants. From there, the event kept doubling and tripling in size and we saw the opportunity to expand nationwide. There will be about 20,000 runners at our Utah event this year (our biggest) we had to add an extra day to meet the demand. In total, the Ragnar Relay Series has 15 events nationwide.

How did you first get the idea for Electric Run?
Just last year (2012) I was ready for a new challenge. I was watching what was going on in participant events and what’s happening with pop-culture in the country. People are really hungry for events where they can participate in social and visual ways. This is the “Go Pro” generation—people want to ‘be a hero.’ They don’t want to spectate they want to participate. Spectator events are starting to struggle whereas mass participation events (like Burning Man, Tomorrowland or Electric Daisy Carnival which are art and music festivals with a participation element) are exploding.

That’s what people really want right now—to participate with friends, snap a few photos, and post them to Facebook. I saw all this and knew I had the opportunity to do a really cool, professional, nighttime event. Fun runs are really popular right now, but can be a little gimmicky with a short shelf life. But I think there’s going to be an appetite for really cool event experiences for a long time, so I wanted to create a truly professional and immersive experience that would keep participants coming back for a while.

How have you been able to grow so rapidly?
It’s a combination of things. Race directors that I’ve known over the years have supported me and my friends at ACTIVE have introduced me to people around the country as well. That’s a huge component – having logistical experience and connections helps us move fast when expanding to new cities, requesting permits, etc. On top of that, social media really gets the word out about events, much faster that we used to be able to do it. We’ve created something that is very visually engaging and people “like” it and share it with their friends. And ACTIVE gives us the national marketing network. Emails, articles and online advertisements pushed out to ACTIVE’s database allow us to promote through even more channels.

What do you see as the next evolution of this industry?
There are more and more of these fun runs and obstacle events popping up that may not be well managed or have a sophisticated event director behind them. People don’t realize how difficult and expensive it is to produce a high-quality event. So there are a lot of junky events out there that are produced by well-intended people that just don’t know what they’re getting into. I think participants are going to get a lot better at discerning the good from the bad and will only want to do good events. The events that prosper will have smart event producers. A lot of events will shut down and some new high-quality events will emerge. But over the long run, events are going to become much higher quality and there won’t be much room for poorly run events.

I also think people will continue to want to do things that allow them to participate and have awesome experiences. Experience is the new luxury. Having a Ferrari isn’t cool now. Cliff diving and filming it is cool. It’s about doing something really rad and then posting a photo or video online. I think ‘experience’ is going to last a really long time.

We hope we can keep changing it up and making Electric Run a legit experience that people want to come back to year after year.

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What’s new
The Newly Redesigned ACTIVE.com is Here

Active Logo

Things may look a little different to you on ACTIVE.com! In an effort to make the site more event centric and simplify transactions (registrations) for users, we have changed the look and feel of ACTIVE.com. We’re still testing and shifting some elements around, so don’t get too attached to a certain picture or link, but overall the redesigned site is doing a better job at promoting great events like yours.

Here are a few of the top 3 changes that will benefit you:

  • Homepage Activity Feeds: Having activities promoted on the homepage is a big important change, considering they were not promoted on the old homepage at all. The Activity Feeds are populated with events based off the location and interests (selected during account creation) of the user. If the user is not logged in or hasn’t selected any interests, the default is to display endurance events.

    This is all good news. Not only are we dedicating much more “real estate” to promote events, but the Activity Feed is designed to be customized to what a user is most likely to register for. And of course, customers are promoted over non-customers. Our customers’ events will bubble up to the top of all Feeds!

    Note: Activity Feeds are also present on the sport pages such as the Running, Cycling, and Triathlon pages.
  • Better Search Functionality: When a user searches by event name, location, type, etc., the results will now be more refined and applicable. We are continually improving our search functionality to give users exactly what they’re looking for and ensure your events are seen by a targeted audience.
  • Registration Alerts: On your event details page, there is now an option for users to “Turn on Alert.” When a user selects this, they will receive an email two days before registration opens and two days before it closes. This automatically ensures that anyone interested in your event will know exactly when registration is open for business, helping you drive participation.

Check it out!

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Team Member Spotlight:
Margaret Weniger, Sales Manager

Margaret Weniger

As a sales manager here at ACTIVE, I oversee a team that works with various sporting organizations, including youth sports leagues, swim teams, and endurance events. We help event directors and league administrators use our technology to connect with and power their events. I’ve always loved sports and enjoy being able to work in this industry and help endurance and sports organizers.

Currently all my free time is dedicated to training for an Ironman. But when I’m not in the saddle I love to read, shop, watch football, and play with my Goldendoodle puppy, Chewie!

My ACTIVE is…Triathlon. Dogs. Football. Family. Fashion. Reading.

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