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What information and tools do you need to get to the next level? This month’s newsletter focuses on providing those tools by offering insights and easy-to-use platforms to grow your events and help you meet your goals. Learn how we’ve improved ACTIVEWorks Endurance with mobile options to contend with the dominance of smartphones and a super-charged data insights platform, Activity Cloud, to take the guesswork out of event planning. Also, we love to spotlight our great partners – check out what they said when we asked why they stay with ACTIVE.

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Activity Cloud

product enhancement
Stop manually entering custom bib numbers! Use the Mass Bib Number Upload Tool

In the past, if you wanted to assign a series of custom bib numbers in ACTIVEWorks, it took quite some time. It may have taken you over a minute assigning each bib. That’s why we’ve developed the mass bib upload tool. What was done in minutes can now be completed in seconds.

You can keep all your data in one place, and your workflow intact, with the new Mass Bib Number Upload Tool. Give specific bib numbers to your participants based on gender, teams, divisions, or your preference. Simply enter your participant’s bib number in a spreadsheet, and once you have all participants assigned, upload the spreadsheet into ACTIVEWorks. This new feature will save you hours and hours of assigning bib numbers for your events!

Increase Mobile Registration Rates with Mobile Express Checkout

In 2014, 55% of online web traffic originated from phones and tablets, over taking traditional computers and creating the demand for websites that can adjust to various screen sizes and shapes. Mobile Express Checkout is the easy solution that offers your participants easy options to register for your event. This is a free feature in ACTIVEWorks that simplifies and enhances the registration experience for mobile registrants.

ACTIVEWorks recognizes when your participants are on a mobile device, and gives them a shortcut to registration. They just enter in their basic information, payment details and hit submit. Registrants will receive an email that will allow them to go back into the system and complete their registration. By allowing registrants to quickly pay for their space on a mobile device and complete the registration later will increase your participants and revenue.

Download the Mobile Express Checkout Guide

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coming soon
Join us at the Harnessing the Power of Data Intelligence Roadshow!

What if we could tell you exactly when endurance event registration peaks in your state? And, the dollar amount the average American athlete pays for entry to a marathon? A 5K? A Tri?

These are the types of insights that are available for endurance event directors with Activity Cloud, the only platform that combines the power of Big Data methodology with more than 15 years of registration history.

Join us when we are in your area for a free happy hour as we share the most meaningful insights we’ve collected, tracked and analyzed through Activity Cloud. Meet industry experts and learn how Big Data equals big growth. You’ll get new insights on how you can stay in front of the pack in this competitive industry. No matter your job title, joining us for the roadshow will put you in the fast lane to success.

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did you know
ACTIVEWorks Integrates with Race Director and RunScore

Did you know that ACTIVEWorks Endurance fully integrates with two of the most popular timing software interfaces, Race Director and RunScore? You can connect your event to Race Director or RunScore for easy timer access.

Timer hand-off has never been easier. ACTIVEWorks Endurance now fully integrates with two of the most popular timing software tools, Race Director and RunScore.

Forget the spreadsheet. Give your timer access to participant information – including bib numbers, estimated finish times, and more – directly from their favorite tools.

Go fast on race day. Timers using Race Director or RunScore can now import your participant data four times faster than they could previously.

Ready to skip the spreadsheet and email-tag headache and spend more time building a great event? Contact your account manager to get started today. Please contact your account manager for more information.

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Lonnie Somers
Lonnie Somers

Lonnie Somers, Hallucination Sports – “I chose ACTIVE because…”

It’s really important that we have really good partners that do a lot in the industry and can be a resource for us.

Activity Cloud—although we’ve been a partner for a lot longer than Activity Cloud has existed—with the advanced features that we can really learn and dive into more who’s participating in events, who’s looking for events like us, that really helps.

Really at the end of the day, it’s all about the relationships that we have. Our business at Hallucination Sports is to be what I call ‘LLS’ to our clients. LLS stands for learn, listen and solve. We want to learn everything we can about them, we want to listen to everything we can about them and we want to solve. We want to bring in really good partners to help them overcome those problems.

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Activity Cloud, The Future of Event Planning

How far away from your event do you market today? Did you know that, on average, people are willing to travel up to 50 miles to compete in a 5k? If you’re a marathon director, that distance extends to 200 miles. Activity Cloud uses insights like this to power maps so you can see new opportunities. Visit to take your event to the next level!

Use your ACTIVEWorks account to log in. It’s FREE and AVAILABLE TO YOU TODAY!

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