ACTIVE Network Celebrates Global Running Day

ACTIVE Network Celebrates Global Running Day in London

ACTIVE Network joined the worldwide celebration of Global Running Day to embrace fitness and fun on June 6, 2018. Global Running Day began in 2009 as a way for participants of all ages and abilities to take part a in a running activity by submitting their names to a pledge through the official website. Today, the holiday reaches some 162 countries and attracts over 280,000 participants.

What better way to emphasize ACTIVE Network’s mission to make the world a more active place by connecting people to the things they love, want and need to do than by participating in Global Running Day?

Global Running Day Dallas

Celebrating #GlobalRunningDay on the streets of Dallas, TX!

Employees celebrated at the Dallas headquarters and around the world to show their support. Here in the Big D, team members could choose between a one-mile walk in “The Park” with Buyer Alicia Shackleford and a Group Run after work through the streets of downtown with Erin Swiatek, Technical Account Manager. Our Vancouver office hosted two teams that each ran a 5K, led by Software Architect Veronika Smolik, while a lucky group in London took a lap around Buckingham Palace.

“Global Running Day’s motto is that no matter how fast you run or how far you go, it’s about getting moving, and in this case, moving together,” explains Kristen Sudela, Coordinator of Engagement and Wellness. “ACTIVEx, our employee engagement and culture department at ACTIVE Network, recognizes the importance of community, both inside and outside the walls of the office. We call it the ‘power of the pack.’ We look forward to this annual activity, celebrating with a group walk and post-work group run.”

Some Vancouver employees right before their group #GlobalRunningDay Run

The beauty of Global Running Day is that literally anyone can participate: family, friends and especially coworkers.

“Something wonderful happens at that intersection of learning and running that you just can’t experience on a treadmill all by yourself,” explains Swiatek. “Celebrating #GlobalRunningDay with my ACTIVEx family and knowing that we were celebrating with our co-friends around the whole world was the best way to celebrate our health, our stories and making the world a more active place.”

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ACTIVE Network Rallies for Global Payments’ Worldwide Day of Service

ACTIVE Network Joins Global Payments' Worldwide Day of Service

Here at ACTIVE Network, we’re all about connecting people to the things they love, want and need to do. We’re also a part of Global Payments, which is committed to building a culture of Service. Driven. Commerce. Sounds like a great match, right?

From clothing drives to clean-ups, ACTIVE goes “all in” for doing good in the community, and we always have fun while we’re doing it. So, in honor of Global Payments’ biannual Worldwide Day of Service on Wednesday, May 9, we rallied the troops in all of our offices to join Global Payments’ international efforts in the spirit of corporate citizenship.

“We hosted both an onsite and offsite engagement opportunity at ACTIVE Network World Headquarters,” says Kristen Sudela, Coordinator of Engagement and Wellness, of our Dallas-based efforts. “For starters, the offsite team rolled up their sleeves to make meals for kids in need.”

Making sandwiches for Hunger Busters

Hunger Busters is a Dallas-based nonprofit taking a “big bite” out of childhood hunger. The group focuses on the third meal of the day, after the last school bell rings and many food-insecure children go hungry until breakfast. During their visit, ACTIVE employees made over 1,400 meals that will be distributed to seven different schools.

“A little friendly competition broke out, as to who could make the most meals on each side of the assembly line,” says Sudela. “But more importantly, they embraced the idea that through their time and talents, they were helping kids here in the DFW community.”

Making blankets for the kids with Move for Miles

Meanwhile, back at ACTIVE Headquarters, a second team got creative with two projects for the Move for Miles Childhood Cancer Foundation. Whether knotting adorable fleece blankets or making colorful cards, their handiwork was dedicated to bringing “sMiles” to local kids undergoing cancer treatment.

Sara Rathbun, Digital Platforms Specialist, headed up the kind and crafty group. “It was really encouraging to see how many people wanted to help out–even if they thought they had zero crafting ability,” she says. “ACTIVE employees have a lot of heart, and it was so cool to see them working together to help these kids feel loved and supported.”

Move for Miles founder Stephanie Dagelwitz will soon deliver the handmade gifts to area children’s hospitals. Teary with pride, she sent a message to ACTIVE employees: “Thank you for embracing our cause and making a difference.”

To all who participated in Global Payments’ Worldwide Day of Service, thank you. Click here for more information on ACTIVE Network’s AxLTRUISM projects, including the annual ACTIVEx Charity Challenge, kicking off soon!

ACTIVE Network’s Aaron Trujillo Runs the 2018 Boston Marathon – in Sub-3!

The Boston Marathon is a big deal, to put it mildly. The Super Bowl of running represents the ultimate race–and unparalleled prestige–for endurance athletes.

The inaugural Boston Marathon was held on April 19, 1894, the first Patriots’ Day, with a field of 15 runners. Now taking place every third Monday in April, the Patriots’ Day tie imbues the event with themes of liberty and purpose. For runners, its exclusivity makes the Boston Marathon the ultimate dream. After growing to over 1,000 participants, qualifying standards were put in place in 1970 by the Boston Athletic Association to reserve the honor of participation for only around 30,000 top runners each year.  Continue reading

ACTIVE Innovators: Top 4 Ways the Adidas Shamrock Run Portland is Racing into the Next Generation

With some 30,000 participants expected to take to the streets for its 40th edition this weekend, the third-largest running event in the west is changing the game on themed fun runs through strategic innovations–no luck required.

How The Shamrock Run is Racing Into the Next Generation

Pirates. Superheroes. Runaway Brides. Themed fun runs draw high-spirited participants across the globe, all year round. In addition to established series, novel new events are popping up faster than you can say “zombie dash.”

So, how can smart race directors set their events apart from the costume-clad crowd? Continue reading

ACTIVE Network Celebrates International Women’s Day 2018



International Women's Day 2018

It’s time to #PressforProgress.

Thursday, March 8, 2018, marked the 117th annual International Women’s Day, a worldwide celebration of achievement, unity and the drive for equality. ACTIVE Network rallied around this year’s theme of “Press for Progress” through empowering words and actions. Continue reading

Top Takeaways from Running USA’s 2018 Conference: Experiences Matter

The 2018 Running USA Industry Conference powered by ACTIVE Network wrapped earlier this month, marking another year of insights and innovation at the largest endurance running trade association event in the world. Gathering industry professionals from across the globe–this year’s attendees represented over 20 different countries–the conference included presentations, breakout sessions, panel discussions and, of course, plenty of group runs and networking.

Powered by Purpose

ACTIVE Network is a founding member of Running USA, and Cristine Kao, ACTIVE’s Senior Director of Global Marketing, was on the scene from day one to the closing reception. Throughout the conference, she noted attendees’ high energy and open minds. For example, a first-time Women’s Networking Meetup drew a crowd so large, it was standing-room-only.

“There are so many new ideas in the industry,” says Kao. “There’s a sense of purpose.”

Afdhel Aziz’s keynote speech reinforced this sentiment. The author of “Good is the New Cool: Market Like You Give a Damn” touted the power of endurance events to drive purpose-focused goals. A staggering $1.2B is raised by running events each year for causes big and small.

The Endurance Experience

A two-fold industry trend ties back to Aziz’s key insight. As larger, longtime organizers see a decline in registration, more first-time events are popping up each year. Participants are also skewing more heavily toward the experience-seeking enthusiast, rather than the competitive runner, and they may be more attracted to smaller, regional and more purposeful events.

Kao explains the takeaway for organizers. “How do you create a holistic experience for both the racer and the everyday runner? As a race director, you have to consider both,” she says. “There’s an inherent alignment in that endurance running provides a unique experience for people.”

Designing Destination Events

An Idea Lab session led by Sam Renouf of Motiv Sports placed even greater emphasis on the experiential consumer. Entitled “Running as a Destination: How to Attract International Participants,” Renouf’s presentation highlighted the Sydney Marathon as a case study.

The popular event, marking its 17th year this September, courts runners from around the world via multilingual marketing, enhanced digital initiatives and positioning itself as a destination event that showcases Sydney’s unique culture. Renouf’s four elements of a destination event that will attract an international audience include (1) Location, Culture and History; (2) A Sense of Community; (3) Ease of Access and (4) Bragging Rights.

Watch the Experts

Building on the above insights from this year’s Running USA Industry Conference, check out our panel video featuring a discussion with three industry veterans:  Rich Harshbarger, CEO of Running USA; Sam Renouf, President of Motiv Sports and Dave McGillivray, Founder of DMSE Sports.

Will we see you in Puerto Rico in 2019?

ACTIVE Trend Report: Observations From TBI and USAT 2017 Conferences

From left to right: Sam Renouf, GM of Sports, ACTIVE Network; Richard Adler, President Triathlon Business International; Rob Urbach, CEO, USA Triathlon

Photo: Paul Phillips / Competitive Image / @compimagephoto


When Triathlon Business International and USA Triathlon came together to deliver a unified 2017 conference experience in ACTIVE’s home town of Dallas, ACTIVE welcomed conference goers to its headquarters to kick off both TBI’s annual business conference and USAT’s Race Director Symposium. Triathletes, race directors and industry leaders pedaled out fresh margaritas on the “blender bike” and downed fajitas slathered with guacamole. While this group had a good measure of fun at this year’s conferences, it also tackled some of the biggest issues facing triathlon today and into the future.

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New Year’s Resolution: Get More Kids in the Game

At the beginning of each year, people everywhere focus on setting new goals for themselves. For many, it’s health and wellness or professional goals. At ACTIVE, both personal (health and well-being) and professional aspects can be encompassed within the one goal because the company provides an entire ecosystem for improving the health of the community at-large as well as fulfilling personal goals. Today, for example, teams of employees built bicycles for the Dallas Police Department’s Police Athletic League (PAL), a youth crime prevention program that instills a sense of confidence, community and positivity in kids through youth recreation activities.

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There’s No Place Like Home, Especially During the Holidays

Group of human palms on all sides of a cut out house diagram with setting sun coming through window over water

Whether it’s time, gifts, money or food, opportunities to give during the holiday season are plentiful. Regardless of the season, any time is a good time to help improve a fellow human being’s quality of life. At ACTIVE, the act of giving has become part of our DNA as a company that lives the mission to make the world a more active place. ACTIVE employees constantly work to help as many people as possible, frequently raising money and awareness among themselves for various causes like “No-Shave November” and the ACTIVEx Charity Challenge that benefits Kids in the Game.

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ACTIVE Trend Report: How to Capitalize on Evolving Membership Models


The membership model that many gyms, health and fitness organizations have employed for decades is in the midst of a seismic cultural, technological and economic shift. Millennials, now the largest living generation in the US, are redefining value by prioritizing experiences over material things, customization over one-size-fits-all and social engagement over the exclusivity and certainty of the membership model. At the same time, technological advances that enable the “sharing economy” are increasing competition for Millennial dollars, as more affordable fitness options become widely available via services like ClassPass and fitness training apps. While Millennial spending on fitness outpaces the group’s overall consumption level, 72% think gym memberships are too expensive.

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