What are people saying about your organization online? (3 Free Tools)

Online reputation managementThe internet is a huge place where people talk about everything. Through blogs and social media, each and every person has a voice.

The reality – people are on the web talking about your community organization; mostly good stuff, but maybe some bad stuff.

The question – how can you find out what everyone is saying about your organization? Continue reading

QR codes: Marrying Online and Offline Marketing

QR codes for park and rec marketingI bet you use some online and offline channels to market your organization. For the most part, those two types of marketing don’t talk to each other. But with QR codes, you can marry the two and unite your online and offline efforts.

A QR (quick response) code is a two-dimensional bar code that holds information – typically a website’s URL for marketing purposes. People can scan the code with a smart phone and be taken directly to the stored website or webpage. You may have seen QR codes in magazines or on display advertising because they are becoming more and more popular. Continue reading

5 Tips for Building a Recreation Brand

Building a Recreation BrandSay the name of your parks and recreation group out loud. What comes to mind? Better yet, try the exercise with members of your community and ask them what words, colors, and images pop up. That’s your brand.

Although recreation brands are a relatively new concept, those parks and recreation groups that actively work on their brands are realizing the benefits. A strong recreation brand helps your organization stand out from the crowd by creating a positive identity that your community can relate to. Continue reading

How to Drive Community Participation Using Customer Data

Increase participation in your communityWith so many recreation activities for the public to choose from, it’s important for your community organization to get creative to increase participation. Get started by taking a closer look at your customer data. You can uncover trends and identify ways to increase registrations. After that, take that information and use it to create targeted marketing campaigns and offers. Continue reading

3 Simple Steps for Developing an Online Recreation Guide

Online Recreation GuideMany Parks and Recreation Centers are transitioning from hard copy printed brochures to interactive online versions. Not only is this a much cheaper option but it is also a greener way of communicating with your customers and offers 24/7 access to the most up-to-date recreation information. By sharing your interactive guide on your website you can also drive traffic through search engine optimization in your content and actively track and measure how many people are accessing and using your guide using web analytics. Continue reading

What does being active mean to you?

What does being Active mean to you?As part of the Active Lifestyle contest, we asked customers ‘What does being active mean to you?’ Here is a selection of some of the wonderful responses received:

Living every day to the fullest

“Living every day to the fullest by renewing a commitment to exercise daily, eat nutritiously, and to educate all generations on the value of taking responsibility for one’s own health in all areas be it mental, physical, social, etc.” Continue reading

City of Whitehorse Parks and Recreation Wins Active Lifestyle Competition

Active_lifestyle_winnersCongratulations to the City of Whitehorse, Yukon, winner of the ‘Active Lifestyle’ competition.

This Fall, Active Network, Communities’ customers were invited to enter photos and videos demonstrating their “Active Lifestyle” for a chance to win a $400 Amazon gift card. Thirty-three entries were received from community organizations spanning North America, illustrating what they do best! Continue reading