Top 10 Most Popular Articles You May Have Missed in 2012

As we wrap up 2012, it’s time to reflect on the year at the blog. At ACTIVE Network, Communities, we provide software and marketing tools for parks & rec agencies, college recreation departments, YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, non-profits, and other community. organizations. And on our blog, we provide tips and resources and cover trends in technology and marketing for those types of organizations.

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Top 8 Reasons Your Rec Sofware is Holding You Back

Software is supposed to make things easier. But sometimes, parts of a recreation software system can hinder an organization’s ability to successfully achieve its goals. If you and your staff are spending more time on the day-to-day tasks and less on building a healthier and better community, your recreation software may be holding you back.

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If you think Mob events, like zombie chases, mud runs, paint races, and tomato fights were big in 2012, just wait until 2013. ACTIVE’s Mob customers, including The Color Run™ and Spartan Races, saw more than one million participants in 2012 and the numbers are continuing to surge into 2013.

As the New Year approaches, below are 5 important trends to watch:

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5 More Unconventional Adult Programs to Start Offering (Guest Post)

This is the second part of a guest post series from Curt Jackson. Click here to read the first five unconventional adult programs to offer.

6. Read Bedtime Stories Like a Pro – Voice over acting is a profession that you may not think about until you watch car commercials or cartoons. But acting with our voices is something most of us do daily. By using inflection, accents, different tones and pitches we tell stories and jokes to our peers. Find a voice acting coach to teach parents how to put some pizazz into reading bedtime stories. Continue reading

How Technology Can Save Our State Parks


Our SVP of Outdoors, Steve Connolly, chats with us about how state agencies are using technology in revolutionary ways to save America’s great outdoors.

With budgets tightening, many state legislators are weaning state agencies off public funding and shutting down state parks in a last ditch effort to save money.  Additionally, agencies are being challenged to become more self-sufficient. Technology, I believe, is a key to delivering services at a lower cost and with a better customer experience. The right technology implementation can even identify new sources of revenue.

State agencies are just beginning to adopt enterprise-level technology to increase efficiency and productivity, and ultimately allow their citizens better access to the outdoors. As an example of this, we announced that the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks (MDWFP) has successfully streamlined its outdoor services on our ActiveWorks® Outdoors technology platform. This is our first Outdoors customer to consolidate all of its information, like game harvest reporting and registration information, into one database. So far, MDWFP has issued more than 310,000 permits on the new system.

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5 New & Unique Adult Programs to Start Offering (Guest Post)

Most parks and recreation departments offer the same adult classes – yoga, bridge, photography, creative writing, dog training, blah blah blah. These are great to have because they are popular, but isn’t time to stand out and offer truly unique classes as well?

In every city there are possible contract instructors looking for opportunities to teach others, whether they know it or not. Sometimes they find you and other times you have to look for them. However, you can’t look for contract instructors until you know what programs you want to offer.  Here are 5 unique programs I’m fairly sure you’re not offering but, depending on your clientele, could be crowd-pleasers: Continue reading

Brand-Aid Marketing & Social Media Conference: Are you Attending?

Calling all city department marketers: Have the economic challenges over the last few years made it difficult to deliver services at the same or increased level? in 2011, The City of Grand Prairie and City of Arlington (Texas) Parks and Recreation Departments met to discuss these issues and how they could better market services to residents and customers. The result? The Brand Aid Marketing and Social Media Conference. Continue reading

ACTIVE Network Business Solutions SVP Honored Among Business Travel News’ “25 Most Influential Executives” in 2012

We’re proud to announce that JR Sherman, Senior Vice President of our Business Solutions Group here at ACTIVE Network, has been recognized by Business Travel News as one of the “25 Most Influential Executives” of 2012.

This year’s list represents the 29th consecutive year in which Business Travel News has identified supplier, buyer and intermediary professionals who exerted their influence and impacted significant change in the business travel industry.

Under JR’s leadership, our Business Solutions Group is trailblazing the business travel industry with a suite of event management solutions that enable organizations of any size to power smart events.

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Electric Energy @ 2012 Pop Warner Super Bowl

Ricardo Antonio Corpus of the Virgina Beach Mustangs shows off swag scored at our ACTIVE booth

We’re on the ground here at the Wide World of Sports complex at Walt Disney World to cheer participants on at the 2012 Pop Warner Super Bowl and National Cheer & Dance Championships.

The energy here is electric as young players, dancers and cheerleaders  take to the field or stage and inspire us all to get out of our seats and get ACTIVE!

All of this excitement brings us back to when we first started working with Pop Warner nearly a decade ago. We are jazzed to be the official technology partner of Pop Warner, providing registration software to over 1,400 associations and 400,000 Pop Warner Little Scholars.

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Beyond the Click: How Social Networks Impact Real Participation [INFOGRAPHIC]

I can almost certainly say your organization is using social media, but do you know which networks drive what type of actions? For example, if you tweet, will people attend your event? If you pin an image to Pinterest, will people contact you?

ACTIVE Network conducted survey titled ‘Beyond the Click’ that asked 500 consumers what types of offline actions they’ve taken based on social network posts. From the results, we’ve determined that the three most popular offline actions taken as a result of online engagement are to: Continue reading