Making the World EverActive with Aetna

Did you catch our exciting news this morning? We’re working with Aetna to help their members become more physically active through Aetna Everactive, a new social community that brings together online health and fitness resources with opportunities to participate in local events. Aetna’s largest customers now can offer Aetna Everactive to all of their employees, at no cost to the employer or their employees. Woot!

Aetna Everactive provides online tools for members to explore activities and:

  • Set goals like losing weight, drinking more water, walking every day or running
  • Access online and mobile training plans
  • Search, register and participate in events in their local communities
  • Track personal vitals such as weight, BMI, heart rate and more
  • Connect with friends on social networks for inspiration and encouragement

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Active Network Energizes 2012 SportAccord Convention

Let’s face it – conventions are equal parts exhilaration and exhaustion.

After listening in on mesmerizing presentations and networking with the cream of crop, all of the exhilarating experiences might catch up to you — eyelids droop from a red-eye flight into an unfamiliar city, you might get an achy back from hours of sitting and sore feet from scouring exhibition floors. Well at this year’s SportAccord Convention, we hosted an alternative to the common “convention woes” with morning exercise sessions that offered attendees an opportunity to kick-start their days, pump up their energy levels and socialize with fellow delegates.

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Get Hooked


“Don't tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don't tell them where they know the fish.” ~Mark Twain

National Fishing and Boating Week (June 2-10) is a great excuse to get out and enjoy some of America’s favorite outdoor activities.

Whether you’re a recreational angler, a skilled angler, or a greenhorn eager to experience the delight of your first catch, this national celebration of fishing and boating offers plenty of opportunities to get hooked with free fishing days and events across the country. Check out some of the events at Take Me

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6 Great Community Organization Websites You Can Learn From


A website should be the centerpiece of your marketing communications. For all you hear about social media or the amount of money you spend on print materials, all marketing roads lead to your website. For that reason, it’s important that your website is attractive, well-written, easy to use, and can tie directly to how you make money. Depending on what kind of community organization you have, your website should be able to process registrations, sell merchandise, collect donations, take volunteer applications or all four.

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‘Call Me Maybe’: Inspiration for Your Calls to Action

RS16451_91736173-scrYou’ve probably heard the new song by Carly Rae Jepsen titled Call Me Maybe (I put it in the “embarrassingly catchy” category). But if you want a customer to call your organization, take a page out of Carly’s book and give them your number. Likewise, if you want your website visitors to sign up for a program, make the call to action prominent. Make it easy (and intriguing) just like Carly does.

So after you jam out to ‘Call Me Maybe’ for a few minutes, here are five ways to improve the calls to action on your website:
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10 Social Media Articles You May Have Missed

Social media moves quickly. Just as you feel like you’ve mastered Facebook for your organization, Google Plus and Pinterest come along. It’s hard to keep up with the changes. Over the last few months, however, we’ve talked a lot about social media and how you can use it to connect with members of your community, increase registrations, and more.

Here are 10 articles that will help you pick up some pointers for all types of social media (share your favorite article with your followers by clicking the tweet buttons):  Continue reading

We’re on a roll this awards season!

With the flurry of awards season swirling around us, I wanted to pause for a moment and thank my wonderful and talented colleagues. Their dedication to creating a great culture and some of the coolest technology around has propelled us to where we are today and will continue to move us forward to where we want to go. Here’s to you! Recent wins include:

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Top 10 Easiest Ways to Increase Online Registrations

Online registration is a win-win. Members of the community get an easier way to register for programs while organizations save time and money in the sign-up process. Therefore, it’s crucial for rec organizations to direct people to register online.

Here are ten quick and easy ways you can increase online registrations:   Continue reading

Mobile on the Rise: Why Every Event Should be Mobile

We released a new infographic today that illustrates broad mobile adoption worldwide, but slow adoption within the events industry.

Today, two out of three business travelers carry smartphones and 84% use mobile applications while on the road. More than 47% of all web views are on mobile devices, yet only 5% of event planners invested in mobile technology in 2011, with a projected increase to 12% in 2012. These numbers start to paint the picture of a massive chasm between mobile adoption in business and mobile investment.

With 87% of the world using some form of mobile technology, mobile phone penetration rates are high on virtually every continent.

  • North and South America: More than 94%
  • Asia Pacific: More than 69%
  • Africa: More than 45%
  • Europe: The highest mobile penetration rates can be found here, with a staggering 117% penetration due to many people carrying more than one mobile device

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