ACTIVE Data Report: More and More Seniors Are Cycling Their Way to Better Heart Health



The American Heart Association (AHA) & Cycle Nation have teamed up to raise awareness for prevention of heart disease and strokes with a series of cycling events across the US, including ACTIVE’s hometown of Dallas. According to the AHA, cycling just 20 miles a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%. And Cycle Nation has determined that an adult cyclist typically has a level of fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger.

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ACTIVE Trend Report: Observations from NRPA Conference 2016


Earlier this month, ACTIVE attended the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Having served the Park and Rec market since 2002, we’ve seen the industry evolve to become more creative, connected and collaborative then ever before. And this year, we noted three trends, in particular, that represent opportunity for park and recreation organizations to flourish in the coming years.

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ACTIVE Data Report: Tips & Tricks for Using Facebook to Engage Athletes


Increasingly, our customers and partners approach us for data and insights that can help them implement social media strategies for growing participation in their events and delivering stand-out experiences for those participants. Like the customers we serve, we are keenly invested in leveraging social media, and particularly, Facebook to further our goal: to make the world a more active place.

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New Data Reveals What Parents Want from Activity and Event Organizers


Increasingly, youth activity and event organizers ask us to help them market their activities, programs and camps. So, we recently surveyed more than 1,400 parents nationwide to better understand their motivations and tactics when faced with the need to search, find and register their kids for activities. Upon analyzing the resulting data, our top learning was that that organizers will better reach and engage parents who are eager to simplify the activity search-and-register process by shifting dollars away from print-based marketing tactics and instead investing them in digital and community marketing activities. Continue reading

Ripple Effect: Powering the Events that Pay It Forward

emmitt smith gran fondoHere at ACTIVE, our ultimate goal is to make the world a more active place. To make good on this goal, we provide the technology that powers literally thousands of events and activities across the world. We support event organizers, race directors and program managers with whatever tools we can deliver that will help them meet their own goals, because when our customers succeed, we succeed. But our ultimate reward comes when we see our customers’ participants cross the finish line with faces showing accomplishment and joy, as was the case this past weekend at the inaugural Emmitt Smith Gran Fondo, a charity fundraiser benefiting Pat and Emmitt Smith Charities. Continue reading

Back-the-Blue Hits Home for ACTIVE Employees

Help Keep #DallasStrong

Here at ACTIVE, our people continually push the boundaries of what it means to be “active,” from work and play to health and family. So, it is no surprise that when five Dallas police officers were ambushed and killed on July 7 here in Dallas, mere blocks from our corporate headquarters, ACTIVE employees sprang into, well, action. Continue reading

Activity Cloud: Fueling Big Growth with Big Data

acl blog global biz data

“Data is what takes [our customers] to the next level.” — ACTIVE Network CEO Darko Dejanovic

Our entire team here at ACTIVE Network—from developers to editors, from Dallas to Shanghai—is united around a single goal: Helping you meet your goals. Activity Cloud, our new data insights platform for event organizers, was born of this mission.

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Let’s Play! Infographic: ACTIVEkids by the Numbers

ActiveKids ruler twitter

We’re super-excited about the opportunity to connect our customers’ fun and enriching kids programs with parents all over the nation through our new website, Our mission is two-fold: To offer yet another avenue for community organizers to get in front of parents searching for unique opportunities and to fulfill our mission of making the world a more active place.

When kids are active, it affects them for the rest of their lives, often resulting in better academic performance and setting them on a path to a healthy life. Don’t believe us?

We’ve got the numbers to prove it:

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How to Raise Active Kids: Q&A with an ACTIVE Mom

SherylHoskinsKids Blog

Keeping kids active and healthy is a hard job for parents. Just ask Sheryl Hoskins, our General Manager of Communities. She’s an executive on the ACTIVE Network team and we want you to know the folks who are driving our mission to make the world a more active place.

That goal would be no more than a hopeless wish without Sheryl, who leads the effort to customize current and future software and service solutions for camps, churches, classes, government and non-profit organizers. As an MBA graduate and a six-year U.S. Army veteran, Sheryl is up for the challenge.

We spoke with Sheryl, a mother of two, about how she keeps her family active and healthy.

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