Revealed: The Top Excuses for Not Exercising

ACTIVE Network and the Sporting Goods Manufacturers’ Association (SGMA) released a new study on the top motivators and blockers for physical activity. Quick highlights are:


  • 35% of adults indicate a big blocker for participation is that they don’t have a buddy to do it with
  • 60% of adults indicate they’re not more active because they “just don’t like sports.” But what about simple activities—playing with your children, going for a hike?
  • Adults spend more on sports apparel and footwear than they do on sports events, clubs etc.
  • Staying healthy or improving appearance is actually a poor motivator for kids to participate—only 17% selected this as a reason for participating
  • The more sports or activities in which a parent participates, the more likely their child is to be active—85% of parents with children active in two or more activities indicated involvement in six sports/activities themselves

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