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You want to position your brand in front of active lifestyle consumers who can benefit from your products and services.


You want to extend the reach of your marketing activities and increase the registrations for your event.



ACTIVE’s digital media and event marketing solutions put your brand in front of active consumers when and where it matters most. Our online web properties, mobile and in-market event options enable you to reach your target audience with your message effectively.

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Our Offerings


Digital Media

Connect with your target audience via creative opportunities – from banner ads to full website takeovers. We make sure your brand has maximum coverage and impact with our consumers.

Reach Endurance Lifestyle Enthusiasts Reach Parents and Athletes Reach Outdoor Lifestyle Enthusiasts

Special Offer Emails

If you created a great incentive to build urgency and increase registration, take advantage of special offer emails that allow you to reach your audience without sharing space with other events.

Custom Content

ACTIVE will work with you to create original custom content or reshape existing content to reflect and reinforce your brand message through ACTIVE’s editorial voice. By aligning your message with content that engages and informs consumers, you’ll connect your brand with a broad range of ACTIVE consumers.

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In-Market (Off-line)

Get your brand directly in front of your target audience with onsite activations designed and executed by ACTIVE. Go beyond digital and put your brand in the hands of thousands of active lifestyle consumers across the nation.

Event Activation

Worldwide, we support 47,000 organizations and over 200,000 events. Acquire sponsorship rights and exhibit your brand on event websites, t-shirts, signage or onsite displays.


Our ACTIVE Network Rewards database delivers solutions to brands who want to access consumers with their products and services. We select the optimal locations to distribute your products using key demographic information including age, participant population, event type, geography and sample restrictions.


Draft a custom brand ambassador team of athletes to represent your organization at events. Target your message to an engaged audience on a grassroots level and reach consumers in their communities.

Reach Endurance Lifestyle Enthusiasts



ACTIVE is synonymous with endurance. If you've run a 5K, raced a bicycle, attempted a triathlon or overcome obstacles in the mud, odds are you found your event using this website. With the largest inventory of athlete resources on the web, we help millions find, register and train for events all over the world.

Key stats:

  • + 8.8 million unique visitors per month
  • + 51 million+ page views/month
  • + Over 200K events on Active.com annually
  • + 1.6 Million+ fans/followers on Social Media


Virtual event bags are just that – event bags delivered to race participants online from which they have the opportunity to act on sponsor offers included in their event bag at their convenience.  This unique platform will allow you to create special offers, contests or surveys that will reach a targeted audience of engaged endurance athletes before, during and after an event for which they’ve registered.

Key stats:

  • + Exposure to approximately 2.5 million participants per year
  • + Relevant bag placements receive between 10-25% engagement rate on average


COOLRUNNING caters to only the most serious endurance athletes. This is the website of choice for those who want to run--far.

Key stats:

  • + 700K+ unique visitors per month
  • + 2.1 million+ page views/month

Reach Active Parents and Their Kids



ACTIVEkids is the largest activity site for children on the planet, providing parents with a customizable search engine to find things to do for their families. Started in 2015, this is quickly becoming a destination site for household decision makers.

Key stats:

  • + 100K unique visitors per month
  • + 600K+ page views/month

LAXPOWER.COM - High School /College

LAXPOWER.COM is a comprehensive online resource for coaches, teams, athletes and their families serving one of the fastest growing sports in the country, lacrosse.

Key stats:

  • + 500K unique visitors per month
  • + 12 million+ page views/month

Reach Outdoors Lifestyle Enthusiasts



RESERVEAMERICA delivers camping and outdoors resources to the American Sportsman. Serving state governments across the United States, it facilitates licensing, trip planning, and provides access to everything a person needs to survive in the wilderness.

Key stats:

  • + 1.8 million unique visitors per month
  • + 26 million+ page views/month

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