The Local Lifecycle: How to Stay in Step with Your Participants’ Journey

Lifecycle_Whole_Title In every activity someone chooses to participate in, there are a series of universal touchpoints, from the first stage of looking for the opportunity, all the way to giving feedback and deciding how they felt about the experience.

We’ve come to see that turning participants into a loyal community depends on how well you’re meeting them and engaging with them at each of those touchpoints.

Lifecycle_Whole_Gray The Local Lifecycle

We call this journey the Local Lifecycle. There are 5 touchpoints that flow naturally into a repeat engagement in the activity. Each stage of your customers’ experience with your program or activity holds important opportunities for you to understand and serve them better.

This is the key to customer retention!

Below, you’ll find 5 opportunities to engage with US and learn more about each stage in only 15 minutes!


Do you know your customers and prospects (age, gender, history of activity) and what they’re looking for next? When you do, you can frame your marketing to address their specific needs and problems at the time they’re most likely to be looking for what you offer. See how Google helps in our on-demand webinar: Local Lifecycle Series Part 1: Get SEO Savvy in 15 Minutes.


During this phase, your personas/customers will have discovered you and are now evaluating your product offerings, cost and overall value. They must make a decision to register for your program in order to move to the next phase, so it’s critical to provide valuable content they can interact with. See how Chipotle does it in our on-demand webinar: Local Lifecycle Part 2: Create Your Value Wedge in 15 Minutes


During this phase, your top two goals are to capitalize on customers feelings of anticipation and prepare them for the fun ahead. This is the time to create special offers, like gear discounts or friends and family referral specials.
See how Starbucks does it in our on-demand webinar: Local Lifecycle Series Part 3: Get Skilled in Social Media in 15 Minutes


Here, your participants are immersed in the activity. Personalizing their experience and empowering staff to make it awesome begins moving them toward a positive feeling and a decision to return. See how Disney does it in our on-demand webinar: Local Lifecycle Series Part 4: Elevate Your Email Experience in 15 minutes


Now, participants are evaluating their overall experience and forming conclusions about whether or not to engage or buy again. New prospects just entering the Discover phase will use this groups’ feedback to make a decision about moving into the lifecycle. See how Yelp does it in our on-demand webinar, Local Lifecycle Series Part 5: Seek Solutions with Surveys in 15 Minutes 

Full Circle

Now, you’re back at the beginning and it’s time to help existing customers discover what’s new and interest prospective customers to join them in the next local lifecycle! A holistic view of your customers and their journey is a powerful way to build community and loyalty to your organization.