9 Important Ways to Thank Your Members


As Thanksgiving approaches, gratitude is on the minds of many of us. We think of our family, our friends, the necessities and luxuries we are afforded and the opportunities that have presented themselves that have made our lives better.

When it comes to our business and profession, there’s no one who contributes to our success more than our customers, members and clients. Expressing our gratitude to them is not just the right thing to do, it’s also savvy. According to entrepreneur.com, research shows that customers spend more, employees accomplish more and vendors are more likely to pay on time if they’re thanked regularly.

Looking for some surefire or new ways to thank the members of your organization? Look no further than the list below.

1. Give thanks privately. Sending an annual Thanksgiving or holiday thank you card or e-card can go a long way with members. If you want to take it to the next level, consider a holiday “gift” for your participants, such as a goodie bag, bumper sticker or other appropriate token of your brand. Something like a magnet with the local NFL or NHL schedule can keep you top of mind.

2. Give thanks publically. Use the power of social media to demonstrate your thankfulness and build engagement. Post a fun thank you and offer a coupon to the first 20 people who like it.

3. Share success stories. People want to belong to organizations that do good work. Whether that’s serving children, advancing health or supporting the great outdoors, members want to see your good work in action. It’ll inspire them to engage with you, too! Share a success story and thank your members for being the ones who make it possible.

4. Create an anniversary. Using an online data management system like ACTIVE Net to manage your membership allows you to track member anniversaries and therefore celebrate them. It’s also a great opportunity to celebrate milestones with your members and set goals for the year to come.

5. Create a thank you page on your website. Highlight long-term members, or those who have accomplished significant goals. Offer to promote their business. Post it. Tweet it. Share it. The public acknowledgement will be appreciated.

Tip: Consider this for your employees as well. Public thanks and acknowledgement of great work goes a long way for morale and shows your members they belong to an organization with strong leadership and values.

6. Consider introducing a loyalty program. When it comes to retaining the members you have, more than half of customers would consider increasing the amount of business they do with you for a loyalty reward. This is also a great way to encourage registrations for leveled offerings such as beginner, intermediate and advanced.

7. Promote a referral rewards program. The new year is a time of refocusing on goals and health for many people. Offer current families a discount for referrals now. It will be top of mind while they gather with friends and families over the holidays. An expiration date on the offer will help create urgency.

8. Make their lives easier. The #1 most important factor in a customer’s loyalty to you is reducing their effort. Bringing registration online, through a fully-hosted and supported system allows them to manage their account, registrations and payments anytime, anywhere. No lines. No waits. Simple as that. They’ll want to thank YOU for it!

9. Excel at customer service every day. While it’s nice to thank customers this time of year, building loyalty and gratitude for your members needs to be a day-in, day-out expectation. Even the nicest gift can’t eliminate the feelings from a bad experience. Commit to customer service every day and your special thanks will be even more appreciated.

Sending thanks and expressing gratitude will pay off not just for your business, but for your renewed sense of professional purpose. This Thanksgiving, we at ACTIVE Network are thankful for you – Your business, your service, your mission and your commitment to making the world a more active place. Thank you for all you do. We send our warmest wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday to each of you.