Put Parents First in Your 2016 Holiday Programming


The holiday season is upon us! For most families, this is a festive, yet stressful time. Our modern culture puts a lot of pressure on parents, in particular, to pull out all the stops during this most wonderful time of the year. To-Do lists are long, calendars are full, houses need to be cleaned for mothers-in-law, and a general sense of magic needs to be created. It’s a lot of work.

Now, you might assume families simply don’t have the time or need for your services right now. After all, we just made the case for how overloaded they are. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Parents need you now more than ever!

Parents Need Time

Santa may be able to deliver toys world-wide to all the good girls and boys in one night, but a parent without magical abilities needs TIME to create a meaningful family Christmas. They need time alone to shop, to clean, to cook, to decorate and to plan. Much of this can be done as a family, but we all know parents need some alone time to pull off the magic.


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Parents Need Childcare

Most schools take a winter break around the holidays which can be anywhere from one to two weeks. Working parents have to either use their vacation time to cover the break or find childcare and activities for their children if time away from work isn’t possible. Parents at home also are looking for fun, educational things to do with their c hildren during one of the longest breaks in the year.magical-idea-2

Parents Need Help with the Magic

During the holidays, the parents who eternally burn cookies or who don’t have a crafty bone in their body struggle. Having kid-centered holiday activities OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE is amazing. It’s also a great way for parents and kids to spend time together without the stress of materials, mess and management.magical-idea-3 

Parents Need a Good Deal

Budgets are tighter than ever during the holidays. Any offering needs to be of value to the families choosing it. If enrollment is low for you, too, during this time of year, it may be the perfect time to offer promotions, discounts and deals. It’s a great end of year strategy to engage new members for 2017.

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