How to Participate in National Public Health Week: April 3-9

Here at ACTIVE, we focus on building partnerships because we know the work you do is heavily reliant upon bringing communities together around issues that matter the most. Promoting health and wellness is at the forefront of your priorities. Looking past your own community, your own city or even state, you can make an immense difference by participating in National Public Health Week, April 3-9.

Self-described as “a growing movement to create the healthiest nation in one generation,” National Public Health Week celebrates the power of prevention, advocates for healthy and fair policies, shares strategies for successful partnerships, and champions the role of a strong public health system.

As leaders in health and wellness, we think you should be a part of this important week. Here’s how:

  • Visit to learn more.
  • Encourage walking teams and keep track of your center’s collective steps to help the American Public Health Association reach 1 Billion Steps by April 3.
  • Follow the initiative on Twitter and promote events, happenings and share relevant education.
  • Become a partner.
  • Attend an event or submit to host an event.

Other ways you can play a role and improve the nation’s health:

According to the CDC, nearly half of Americans do not meet the weekly requirements for physical activity. Local efforts, like yours, that make it easier for all people to safely walk, bike and be physically active in their communities, does indeed encourage more physical activity among residents.

Your work is making a difference in your community and you deserve to have a seat at the national table. Join National Public Health Week today!