Golf Course Tee Time Software

Maximize rounds and get more control over your tee times with an easy-to-manage golf course tee time software system. It can be hosted or reside at your course—either way, your tee time booking software will be fully integrated with ACTIVE’s point-of-sale and online booking solutions.

Comprehensive Scheduling & Reservation Tracking

Easily manage crossovers, shotguns, and more. Customize your tee sheet and rate schedules. Understand customers better with reservation data tracking.

  • Easily manage crossovers, shotguns, events, outings, and group check-ins
  • Choose from multiple tee sheet templates and rate schedules, customizing tee sheet colors and icons
  • Increase efficiency with tee time reservations software that includes shortcuts to move, copy, delete, or block bookings
  • Understand customers better with reservation data tracking
  • Access all course and tee time information from any computer with Internet access

Online Tee Time Booking & Touch Tone Reservations

Increase convenience for golfers with an online booking engine. Reduce call-ins with a touch-tone phone system. Drive more revenue with yield management.

  • Increase convenience with golf tee sheet software that allows golfers to book via an online booking engine linked from your website
  • Reduce call-ins to the pro shop with a touch-tone phone system for tee time bookings
  • Operate in real time with automatic updates sent directly to the tee sheet
  • Tailor your website to give members more access than the general public
  • Leverage yield management tools to avoid losing money on unsold rounds

Detailed Reporting

Access real-time reports from any Internet-connected computer. Analyze details on no-shows, course utilization, and more. Get up-to-date weather monitoring.

  • Access real-time reports within the tee time reservation software from any computer with Internet access
  • Analyze performance with details on no-shows, event listings, course utilization, round summary by player type, and more
  • Get up-to-date weather monitoring

Full Integration

Seamlessly integrate the golf course tee time booking software with ACTIVE’s point-of-sale system, food and beverage, member billing, and event management software. Get to your tee sheets on the first tee through ACTIVE’s wireless starter unit.

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