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Save time, streamline your processes, and increase revenue with the best program management solution on the planet, ACTIVEWorks Camp & Class Manager.

Mobile friendly

The world is your office! Our cloud-based solution enables you to access your program info on a smartphone or tablet, and families can register participants 24/7, even on the go.

Hands free

With self-service options for participants online and automation tools for you, take some of the tedious to-dos—like waitlist management, renewals and reporting—required for various aspects of your organization out of your staff's hands so they can focus on other things.

Easily marketable

Exponentially expand your reach with marketing tools such as email templates, integrated social media, text messaging, and listings on Plus, learn about the latest branding, website, and SEO tactics from our expert marketing specialists.

Advanced registration

Modernize your registration process and attract customers with sleek online registration forms. Participants can select from multiple payment options and have peace of mind with secure payment processing. Plus, waiver management is easy with online forms and streamlined tracking for staff.

register quick and easy

Automated waitlist management

Managing your programs' waitlists can be just as time consuming as planning for the programs themselves.

Automate the process and never lose out on revenue due to unfull rosters again. When a spot becomes available, an email invitation is automatically sent to the first registrant on the waitlist, giving them an amount of time—set by you—to accept or deny their spot. It's really that easy.

waitlist management, send emails when waitlist is created

Attendance tracking

Not only can you track where your participants are at any given time with check-in/check-out functionality, electronic signatures and authorized pickup management, but you can discover historical trends to help you make data-driven decisions about the future of your programs, too.

easily track attendance


Dissecting the data on your programs should be easy, not make you feel like you need an advanced degree to interpret the numbers.

With meaningful data and customizable reports on Camp & Class Manager, you have the insights and tools to reach your goals at your fingertips. Our useful automated reporting tool defines, schedules, and distributes reports to any of your users. Plus, create customized reports to identify real-time specific registrant segments in your database across multiple seasons, or get more in-depth financial reporting using various filters to create reports and easily view detailed financial data and history.

data easy to understand
“ACTIVE helped us grow our business by [freeing] up time for more important matters like marketing, customer service, and fishing, of course!”
Blaine Lawrence
Director, Camp Hi-Ho
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