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ACTIVE is out of the gate and sprinting into 2023, but we first wanted to share a few 2022 feature upgrades and new releases that were developed.

new donations feature
"Images drive donations đź‘Ť"
"❤️ custom donation buttons"

At ACTIVE, we know endurance.

But when it comes to ACTIVEWorks Endurance, our customers are the ones in the lead pack. That's why many of the exciting features released in the last 12 months were developed from their enhancement requests submitted via the platform, which helps us deliver upgrades or new features that you actually need, even if it's just a small tweak that ultimately saves many hours  

Far from exhaustive, check out some of the before and after pictures of our new releases below. 
Remittance ReportingGivingDeals & DiscountsRace PassImages

Instant clarity—no matter the situation

The pandemic changed pretty much everything, including the requirements for cash & remittance reporting. Built for everyone but especially for the multi-event manager, our new remittance report delivers instant clarity while adding an extra layer of detail to cover all scenarios across all your events.

Get back to giving back

Our new donation tiles drive four to five times the number of donations per registration. If your event aligns with a charitable cause in the USA, UK, EU, or ANZ markets, give it a go.... Oh, and our donation processing fees are pretty amazing, too!

Bigger and better deals and discounts

Just like finding success on the race course, managing complex discount and coupon campaigns requires speed, agility, flexibility and full-proof reporting. That’s exactly what you’ll find with our improved discount and coupon engine. Also, sometimes it's better to just tear it down and build it up again. Thats what we did here to future-proof discounting.
Upgrade 2Upgrade 1

1 event, 2 event, red event, blue event

We built admin flexibility and new reporting into Race Pass, which is guaranteed to save athlete/registration service managers hundreds of hours and drive increased revenue to those that host multiple events a year. Race Pass specific administrative tools include: a new owners report, ability to edit owner of pass details, edit pass usage after the fact, and date-based price scheduling.

A picture’s worth...increased revenue

You know the saying. But thanks to a few simple user interface changes and support for full-page, scaled imagery for merchandise and add-ons, those pictures are worth more than 1,000 words. They’re worth increased conversions and more revenue for your organization.

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Interested in learning more about the exciting enhancements mentioned above, as well as those we didn't dive into, schedule some time to chat with one of our specialists to continue the conversation. We can't wait!
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