Building Successful Marketing Campaigns

Triathlon America, a triathlon industry association, invited me to speak about “Building Successful Marketing Campaigns,” earlier this spring at their annual conference in San Diego, Calif. With industry veterans and novices, big companies and small in attendance, and no required speaking material, I decided to have some fun with the presentation. I gave everyone a head start on a one-page marketing brief with these six easy marketing keys. 


What you want. GOALS
How you are different. KEY MESSAGES
Who you are talking to. TARGET AUDIENCE
Why they should care. PROOF POINTS
Where they are. “MEDIA” PLAN
How you will measure success. DESIRED RESULTS

I am a marketing geek, so for me it was super-fun to showcase companies small and large. My key takeaway was the most successful companies don’t just rely on successful marketing campaigns, but rather bake all the ingredients of their brand into everything they do every day. A campaign implies a beginning and end. For the best brands, marketing is part of their company recipe.“Know. How you are different.” Take a look at this awesome picture at the Santa Cruz Sentinel Triathlon a few years ago. This was my personal favorite marketing key.
– Kristin Carroll leads our corporate & consumer marketing teams and gets active by chasing after her two little girls, trying to stay fit and chasing after big time adventures.