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The City of San Diego Goes Paperless with Parks and Recreation Software

By March 21, 2012 April 14th, 2014 One Comment
San Diego Parks and Rec

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The City of San Diego is making it easier for citizens to get active. By partnering with Active Network, Communities the city has decided to automate its parks and recreation operations to help P & R staff save time and make it easier for people to register online. From facility reservations and park permitting to payment processing and e-commerce, San Diego has decided to manage its operations through parks and recreation software.

Here is what the City of San Diego manages:   

  • 40,000 acres of land
  • 340 parks including Balboa Park
  • 25 miles of shoreline from Sunset Cliffs to La Jolla
  • 13 pools
  • 3 public golf complexes
  • 52 recreation centers

Here are a few of the benefits that the city and its residents will see with the big move online:

1. Online access for citizens

Scott Reese, Assistant Park and Recreation Director with the City of San Diego said, “The fact that residents can now search and register for programs online makes it even easier for them to get involved in their communities and enjoy the enriching programs and quality parks the City of San Diego has to offer.”

2. Less paperwork for staff

Until now, the City of San Diego was dependent on a paper-based system. Management and staff will now be able to handle scheduling, registration, payments, facility management, and financial reporting easily by moving everything to a cloud-based software. This will result in less paperwork, revenue growth, reduced costs, and improved customer service levels. 

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2. Socially organized activities

The City of San Diego is also considering using the software to help increase utilization of its facilities by giving some power to the people. Essentially, the city would allow residents to use social networking software and mobile applications to schedule their own pick-up games and activities, in addition to taking advantage of regularly scheduled programs.

To read the full press release, click here.

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