10 Killer Facebook Cover Images for Community Organizations

By now, we all know about Facebook’s new look: the timeline. At the end of March, all Facebook brand pages were switched to the timeline with the opportunity to post a “cover image” at the top. And since we all know a picture says a thousand words, you can use this space to send a powerful message to your Facebook visitors. Some of the YMCAs, parks and recreation agencies, and community organizations we work with have posted great covers already. Here are ten you can learn from:       

1. America’s Backyard: Use a powerful symbol in a crisp image.

2. Village of Bellevue: Tie your message to your cover image.

3. Boys & Girls Club of America: Mention an upcoming initiative.

4. YMCA of Brandywine Valley:  Choose an image that everyone can relate to.

5. City of Burnaby: Let your city do the talking.

6. YMCA of Edmonton: State your goal and make a personal connection.*

*One thing to note – Facebook states that cover images should not include contact information or website addresses.

7. City of Goodyear:  Post an image your whole community will recognize.

8. National Recreation and Park Association: Let your parks speak for themselves.

9. City of Raleigh Parks and Recreation: Add a season element – it’s springtime!

10. City of Riverside: Three pictures are better than one.

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Before you get started with your new image, check out Facebook’s cover guidelines and share your new covers in the comments below!

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