Dynamic Church Conference 2012

“Active Network, Faith!” And just like that, general manager Jeff Hook announced the unified product suite of Fellowship Technologies, ServiceU Corporation and ConnectionPower.com to the 500+ current customers at the Dynamic Church Conference in Dallas, TX.

“We maintain and remember our three companies’ histories that brought us here, but now it’s time to put history behind us and take it to the next level. We know Active Network, Faith is the future of dynamic churches everywhere.”

This 3-day inter-active conference was the first opportunity for our customers to learn about all the products now available to them since joining Active Network. The ‘Active Experience’ provided an opportunity for attendees to connect with the latest features of Fellowship One and ServiceU in addition other key offerings from Active Network.

DC12 attendees spent 3 days in sessions and breakouts tailored to their specific needs and skill sets with the various products. From core reports to return on ministry strategies, with over 80 topics to choose from, each day was educational, practical and fun.

The conference might be over, but now we’re hitting the road with our dynamic church roadshows, with plans to visit 10 cities across the country in the coming months. Make plans to join us.