20 Ways Your Next Event Will Benefit from Online Ticketing Software

You work hard to provide great programs for your community and probably have a recreation software system to help you out with the logistics. But how do you manage your events? Whether you are hosting a dance, play or race, it’s a lot of work. If you’re managing all of your events by hand, it’s taking too much of your time.

With online ticketing software, events get booked easier for the organizer, his or her staff, and the attendees. Here are 20 ways you and your event attendees will benefit from an event ticketing software system:  

Event Organizer

1. Access the ticketing system from any computer with the internet
2. Create branded tickets and webpage for ticket sales
3. Increase ticket sales by selling tickets 24/7
4. Customize pricing
5. Post clickable seating charts
6. Reduce calls, paperwork, and staffing needs
7. Eliminate costly human errors from manual processes
8. Process payments securely with Level 1 PCI compliance
9. Use real-time reporting to track success
10. Easily set up and manage events with assigned seating or general admission
11. Offer flexible ticket delivery options
12. Set discount codes by event

Event Attendees

13. Buy tickets online
14. View reserved seating sections
15. Use a clickable seating chart
16. Input promotional codes for discounts
17. Use multiple payment options
18. Receive tickets by email, will call, or at the printer
19. Get automatic email confirmations
20. Buy multiple events on one transaction

Learn more about how ticketing and recreation software could help your organization: