It might still be summer vacation, but in the blink of an eye, kids will be heading back to school – which means long lines to pay for registration, athletic fees, student ID cards, parking passes and more.  Just in time for this hectic season, we have released a new onsite payment processing tool for our Educate customers. This Card Present Sales solution allows schools using our Tracks™ and WebStore™ software to accept and process credit card payments onsite with immediate authorization.

Card Present Sales provides a bunch of benefits for parents, students and schools, including:

  • More convenient options for parents and students to pay fees;
  • Less time spent  waiting in line;
  • Reduced cash and check handling;
  • Automatic input of all customer and payment data;
  • Safe, secure and PCI compliant;
  • Audit friendly, offering accurate and real-time reporting;
  • Quick and easy set-up and use for schools.

Simply put, it saves parents, students and schools time when things are at their busiest.

“We’re thrilled to offer our schools Card Present Sales as it will allow them to be more efficient while providing greater convenience to their student body,” said Greg Sonzogni, General Manager of Educate at Active Network.

For more information on Card Present Sales and how it can help increase efficiency and payment processing in your school, please visit