Profile of a MOB™-ster

After launching the MOB™ experience earlier this year, we began to wonder: who is participating in these types of events…and why?

We surveyed roughly 1,000 Lifestyle panelists, and here’s what we found:

  1. MOBsters are typically middle-aged women
  2. Social events – most people are participating in a MOB event with another person; they are also encouraging groups of friends to do it with them
  3. It’s all about the fun – biggest motivations are fun and “something new and different”
  4. The 5k audience is drawn to these types of events
  5. MOBsters are planning and registering more than 2 months in advance
  6. Facebook is an integral part of the experience
  7. High repeat – 75%+ of MOBsters are willing to do the same race again

Want to learn more? Check out our infographic and read more on our Endurance blog, here.