Depending on the size of your organization, you could be putting on hundreds of programs across tens of facilities, over four seasons per year. It’s a lot of work. But in between the constant management, scheduling, support, marketing and more, do you find time to track what people really think of your programs? Customer feedback is crucial to improving your program offerings.

If this is how kids feel about your baseball camps, you need to know.

That’s where surveys come in. Feedback surveys should be built into your programming so that you know what classes are popular, which ones are boring, and others that could be tweaked a bit to be made great. Read more about how to improve programs with continuous feedback. Here are five survey tools you can use to start collecting valuable data today:

1. SurveyMonkey – This is probably the most well-known survey tool. It is easy-to-use for any size organization. The free option allows you to ask up to 10 questions per survey and gather 100 responses. You can send them out through social, email, or embed them on your site. Find out more.

2. KwikSurveys – KwikSurveys is completely free. You can collect an unlimited amount of responses and ask as many questions as you want. Results can be exported to Excel. Find out more.

3. Google Forms – You knew Google would throw its hat into the survey ring. Under the Google Docs family, you can choose to create a form with custom questions and view results in a Google spreadsheet. Find out more. 

4. SurveyGizmo – This tool can do more than the others. It offers a 14 day free trial, but then charges $75/month for an account. If you are already seriously using surveys and want more out of a premium package, check out SurveyGizmo. Find out more.

Do you collect survey responses for your programs? Share your experiences below.


  • One comment is for Canadian customers, it’s best to use a Canadian based solution due to privacy concerns. Calgary is using FluidSurvey as we do include some personal information so want to ensure the data is protected and adheres to Canadian laws.

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