10 Examples of Social Media Updates You Need to Make

Source: thenewecologist.com

Coming up with social media posts for your organization is like buying clothes for a growing baby. After a few uses, you need new material. And on Facebook, if you find one type of post that resonates with your audience, it probably loses its luster after a few uses. That’s why having an endless supply of social media examples is critical for maintaining an engaged audience.

Here are ten examples of social media posts from recreation agencies that you can add to your repertoire today: 

1. Registration announcement with dates (Brandywine Valley YMCA)

2. Register now button (YMCA Camp Whittle)

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3. Event announcement with a link (NYC Parks & Rec)


4. Daily motivation (Rutgers Recreation) 


5. Caption Contest (Arlington Parks & Rec)

6. Fill in the blank (YMCA Calgary)

7. Customer retweets (DC Parks and Recreation)

8. Monday Motivation (YMCA of Greater San Antonio)

9. Images from events (Spokane Parks and Recreation)

10. Health and exercise tips (Ragsdale YMCA)