15 Organic Metrics Your Recreation Organization Needs to Track

If you’re a stats geek, you like dissecting numbers from Google Analytics, email clickthrough rates and Facebook Insights. But numbers, metrics and statistics can no longer be the interest of just the geeks. Every marketer has to dig into the numbers to determine their promotional effectiveness.

Last week, we talked about the parks and recreation marketing funnel. Wherever you put Analytics in the funnel, it needs to be part of your process. Here are fifteen organic (marketing you don’t directly spend on) metrics to track, tweak, and test for your recreation marketing:


1. Pageviews

2. Unique visitors

3. Leads

4. Conversion rates

5. Traffic sources

6. Keywords

7. Visits per keyword

8. Online registrations

9. Bounce rate


10. Email database size

11. Open rate

12. Clickthrough rate

13. Clicks per email


14. Reach

15. Clicks

Comment below to talk more about each metric and how to track it. These fifteen are just a starting point for painting a picture of your marketing. If you spend on online advertising (PPC, banner ads, etc.), you’ll need another set of metrics to determine return on investment.