Beyond the Click: How Social Networks Impact Real Participation [INFOGRAPHIC]

I can almost certainly say your organization is using social media, but do you know which networks drive what type of actions? For example, if you tweet, will people attend your event? If you pin an image to Pinterest, will people contact you?

ACTIVE Network conducted survey titled ‘Beyond the Click’ that asked 500 consumers what types of offline actions they’ve taken based on social network posts. From the results, we’ve determined that the three most popular offline actions taken as a result of online engagement are to:

  1. Contact a person directly
  2. Attend an event
  3. Participate in an activity (i. e. class or sporting event)

Check out the infographic below to see all of the results (click of the image to enlarge):

Do these results match up with your social media efforts? Comment below.

One thought on “Beyond the Click: How Social Networks Impact Real Participation [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Great article. I didn’t expect to see FaceBook be the work horse out of the group. This helps me adjust my time spent on each social media channel. Thanks for sharing.

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