Your parks and recreation agency’s mission probably goes something like this: we strive to enrich the lives of our residents by providing quality recreation programs, facilities and natural open spaces. But to reach that ultimate goal, you need to increase participation in what you offer. When more citizens are involved, your community is healthier and stronger.

A big part of that process is marketing. When you reach more people, more people register, and participation numbers go up. In the following presentation, you’ll learn how to increase participation with recreation marketing. Here is the format:

  1. Statistics – exercise, participation, and more
  2. Parks & Recreation Marketing Funnel
  3. Website – P&R examples, tips, calls to action
  4. Email Marketing – statistics, tips, list building
  5. Social Media – Facebook, social sharing, ROI
  6. Mobile – statistics, apps vs. websites

At the end of each section, you’ll see a checklist with actionable steps you can take today. Here is the presentation – please feel free to tweet, share and email it out to your rec pro buddies: