Iron Girl Mobilizes Race Day with ACTIVE On-Site

We sat down the other week with Iron Girl VP, Judy Molnar, to chat about how mobile technology has helped her and her staff manage activities and participants more efficiently… from anywhere!

Launched in 2004 with just two events, the Iron Girl brand has grown to 13 events nationwide, varying in distance from 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon to duathlon and triathlon. Judy says their 5K events register more and more people on-site and needed an efficient way to process on-site registrations, both for her staff and for the participant.

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Measuring the Impact of Social Media (VIDEO from Brand-Aid Conference)

A few weeks ago, city council members, park and recreation professionals, board members and volunteers descended upon Arlington, Texas for the Brand-Aid Marketing and Social Media Conference. And a few ACTIVE people were invited to speak! One of those speakers is our Director of Digital and Social Media, Justin Ramers.

Justin talked about how to measure the impact of social media. See below for the video and slides to the presentation:  Continue reading

How 10 ACTIVE Customers are Celebrating B. C.’s First Family Day



Today British Columbia added Family Day as an official holiday for the first time. Happy inaugural Family Day B. C.! As for the other provinces (Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan) that have celebrated Family Day on the third Monday of February for years, happy early Family Day to you, too! For those of you not familiar with this holiday, it was created for families to spend quality time together. In addition, the long weekend breaks up the stretch between New Year’s and Good Friday.

ACTIVE wants to take this opportunity to wish our Burnaby office and B.C. customers a Happy Family Day! But on top of that, our mission is to connect people with the things they love, want and need to do. Since family time fits right into ACTIVE’s mission, we’re excited that Canadian families are celebrating by engaging with some of our customers:  Continue reading

CouchCachet Wins Big With ACTIVE’s API @ Foursquare Hackathon


Developers and designers came together recently at the 2013 FourSquare Hackathon to build some sweet hacks that allow people to connect to activities…anywhere!

Couch Cachet won ‘Best App’ for using an API from the Mashery API Network — ACTIVE’s Activity Search API.

By integrating API’s from ACTIVE and FourSquare, the hack finds cool activities going on near you, like events, races, tournaments, classes or leagues, and checks you in on FourSquare.

Congrats to hackers Brian Fountain, Justin Isaf, Harlie Levine, and Christopher Kennedy (pictured above)! If you are headed to SXSW next month, meet up with the team at the Mashery Circus Mashimus tent.

To learn more, check out our ACTIVE Access blog, here.


What Recreation Professionals Need to Know About Marketing (Part II)

This is part two of Archie’s guest blog post. Click here to read the first.

Social Marketing: Different than social media, social marketing seeks to influence social behavior to the benefit the target market and general society rather than the organization. At one time, social marketing was considered to be exclusively for public and non-profit organizations. Primarily it was designed to promote public awareness campaigns, social causes or to introduce behavior change. However, social marketing is also used by commercial organizations. For example, for-profit fitness clubs are not only utilized for exercise and physical development, but also as environments for rebuilding balance to one’s life.  Continue reading

“Mobile First” at Recent BRAND-AID Conference

ACTIVE’s mobile guru, Courtney Ferguson, shares her recent presentation at BRAND-AID and why the rapper, Eminem, could teach us a thing or two about delighting customers through mobile. 

More iPhones were sold than babies born per day in the US last year, mobile design expert, Luke Wroblewski, said recently.

As I talked about this stat and how incredibly fast mobile technology is growing at a recent BRAND-AID presentation, I could tell that many walked away a little shell-shocked.

Organized by the cities of Grand Prairie, Arlington, and Grapevine, more than 100 Park and Recreation Departments from across the state of Texas recently came together to learn more about the latest trends in social media, marketing and mobile.

I spoke about how we now live in a “mobile first” world. Apps and websites must be designed and tailor-fitted with experiences optimized for these 80% smaller, mobile screens from day one. Not only do the experiences need to fit the device you’re using, but your data, service and content needs to be optimized as well.

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5 Thought-Provoking Discussions from IPRA’s 2013 Conference

At the end of January, IPRA (Illinois Park and Recreation Association) hosted its annual conference in Chicago. The ‘Soaring to New Heights’ Conference brought together over 4,000 P&R professionals, elected officials, students, and vendors for a tradeshow, workshops, meetings and more. A few of us from ACTIVE headed out for the three-day conference, and saw some trends taking place.

Here are some of our favorite topics that were bouncing around at IRPA 2013:  Continue reading

ACTIVE’s Alpha Warriors

We were pumped to be some of the first to take on our customer, Alpha Warrior, and their adrenaline-charged challenge! Recently, the Alpha team brought seven of the 20+ obstacles to ACTIVE’s San Diego office as a two-day test run. Like kids awaiting recess, our team watched in excited anticipation as a massive playground was built in our backyard. Check out the ACTIVE team in the video above as we took on a challenge that promised no mud, no miles and no mercy.

What Recreation Professionals Need to Know About Marketing (Guest Post)

This is a guest post from Archie Trader III. For 7 years, Archie has been the Recreation Program Manager at the Stanton Community Center (SCC), an Annapolis Recreation and Parks Department facility located in Annapolis, MD. He has a BS Degree in Physical Education (concentration in recreation). He chose this career because it gives him the opportunity to affect the lives of youth in the City of Annapolis and surrounding areas. 

Archie’s ACTIVE is walking, biking, exercising and swimming.
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