3 Critical Web Pages You Are Neglecting

We all like to focus on the big ticket pages like the homepage, blog, and news page. However, you may be neglecting some important pages on your website that can do a lot to convert visitors to customers and keep websites visitors hanging around when they are lost. Here are three pages you should take a look at to make sure they are effective:

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ACTIVE’s Grand Thoughts at the Grand Canyon

Dave Landa, senior director of strategic business development at ACTIVE Network, presents his Grand Thoughts at the rim of one of the natural wonders of the world.

I was honored to represent ACTIVE Network and give a keynote speech at last month’s “Grand Thoughts at the Grand Canyon” conference. Held at the North Rim Lodge a week after the Lodge had closed for the season, this exclusive conference brought together leading voices in and around the National Park Service (NPS) to discuss how to keep the Parks relevant leading up to its centennial anniversary in 2016.

Participants included National Park Service director Jon Jarvis, multiple NPS regional directors, presidents of the National Park Foundation and National Park Conservation Association, leadership of Brand USA (a public private partnership created to promote increased international travel to the United States), and leaders from all the National Park concessionaires.

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly: ACTIVE’s David Smith Gets Real @ Pass Summit 2012

Our own David P. Smith, Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture at ACTIVE Network, is presenting at Pass Summit 2012, the world’s largest and most intensive training for Microsoft SQL Server and BI professionals, happening this week in Seattle.

Put simply, SQL Server is used to manage and store information. ACTIVE Network’s ServiceU division was one of the first customers to go live with SQL Server 2012 and after extensive testing, has worked with the Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server development teams for several years.

Deemed an expert and “MVP” by Microsoft on this specific technology, David will speak about, “The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Deploying AlwaysOn Availability Groups,” today at 1 p.m. PT. If you are at the show, go check it out. The complexities of getting this system into production aren’t frequently discussed, so this session will deal with real-world deployment scenarios and go into the working knowledge needed in order to implement the new high availability and disaster recovery technology in SQL Server 2012.

Earlier this week, David spoke about the technical implementation of SQL Server 2012 at ServiceU, how we used the technologies in our environment, best practices, and considerations for other customers when deciding what technologies to utilize.

Check out the live event, here.

4 Parks & Recreation Trend Reports You May Have Missed

Over the last few months, a few organizations have covered new trends in recreation. Whether conducting a survey, doing some research or commenting on the industry overall, these organizations have released some interesting data. Today, we will consolidate these resources so you can check out the ones that interest you the most. Here they are: Continue reading

Access Activities Anywhere with ACTIVE’s APIs

There’s growing evidence that online activities strongly influence offline actions, and marketers are increasingly looking for ways to bridge those two worlds.

Apps designed to support the active part of our lives – whether it’s running a race, achieving a goal or participating in a business event– are providing that bridge.

To that end, we just announced our new developer center and APIs that give developers access to its robust, global inventory of events and activities. This offering provides developers with a centralized hub where they can create custom apps drawing on the global inventory of events and activities listed on ACTIVE’s online media property, ACTIVE.com.

ACTIVE Network has steadily grown its affiliate program with over 200 distribution partners to date including well-known brands such as espnW, Eventful, Fitness Magazine, PGA.com, and Prevention.

By bringing all of its resources into this comprehensive, user friendly site, ACTIVE is making it easier for developers to design apps for activities, and also for organizations to obtain these kinds of insights.

Check it out, here.

15 Organic Metrics Your Recreation Organization Needs to Track

If you’re a stats geek, you like dissecting numbers from Google Analytics, email clickthrough rates and Facebook Insights. But numbers, metrics and statistics can no longer be the interest of just the geeks. Every marketer has to dig into the numbers to determine their promotional effectiveness.

Last week, we talked about the parks and recreation marketing funnel. Wherever you put Analytics in the funnel, it needs to be part of your process. Here are fifteen organic (marketing you don’t directly spend on) metrics to track, tweak, and test for your recreation marketing: Continue reading

The Parks & Recreation Marketing Funnel

Are you a marketing pro for your parks and recreation agency? If you are, there are only three simple areas where you can improve your marketing efforts: You can 1) get more people to see what you have to say, 2) get more people to subscribe, and 3) get more customers. All three phases work in harmony to turn a tweet into a Yoga class registration and a newspaper ad into a pottery class participant.

Next time you look at all of the marketing initiatives you run, organize them into this marketing funnel. That way, you can focus on improving effectiveness at each part of the funnel. In the end, you’ll see more customers. Here is how it works: Continue reading

Lessons EventProfs Can Learn From Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, business travel industry leader, Kevin Iwamoto, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy for the ACTIVE Network Business Solutions Group, shares his thoughtful reflection and insight. 

Photo by NASA via Getty Images

What a difference a few days make!  I was in Boston last week for literally one night to speak at the October MPI New England Chapter meeting on SMM. Less than a week later, the entire Eastern seaboard of the U.S. has been severely impacted by the convergence of several weather systems topped off by the biggest hurricane force ever to hit the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy.

What immediately came to my mind, was that all of my friends, family and associates were all safe from harm. Sure we can weather the lack of supplies and electricity, but the loss of life is immeasurable.

Kevin Iwamoto, ACTIVE Network

Ironically during my presentation, I spoke at length about Duty of Care, emergency contingency planning and risk mitigation focusing on cancellation & attrition clauses and force majeure. Think of all of the business meetings, conferences, association conventions, and trade shows that were booked and planned for in terms of business travel expenses, deposits, and more, that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy. To give you some semblance of perspective, check out these overview articles from MeetingsNet and PCMA. It boggles my mind that most companies are still clueless about doing the right thing for their staff and shareholders by the continuation of decentralized meetings and events and manual processes.

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How to Say Thank You to Your Volunteers

Remember what your parents taught you about being polite? Things like, “Where are your manners?” and, “Don’t forget to say please and thank you.” Well if you’re a recreation professional who relies on volunteers in any way, it’s time to dust off those age-old teachings. Saying thank you to your volunteers is crucial for many reasons. Here’s how to thank your volunteers effectively while gathering the right information and improving retention rates:

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Getting Kids ACTIVE in the Sport of Cricket with USYCA

Germantown, Maryland Kids Cricket Club

Googly, Bail, Wicket, Paddle Scoop, Dilscoop. Can you guess which sport these terms belong to? Cricket!

We’re working with the United States Youth Cricket Association (USYCA) to help their member organizations get kids ACTIVE in the sport of cricket. A popular sport abroad, USYCA is working to popularize the sport of cricket in the United States by promoting its adoption in schools, summer camps and youth organizations.

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