‘The Cloud’: What it is and Why it Matters for P&R Directors

Source: businesscomputingworld.com.uk

By now, you’ve probably heard a bunch of people talk about “the cloud” and “cloud computing.” But the definition of the cloud is as hazy as the term itself. For parks and recreation directors, we’re going to provide a definition and discuss why it’s important for you to take notice. Let’s clear up some of this cloud talk:

Cloud computing: Software that is delivered over the internet without the need for in-house servers or system maintenance. To access applications in the cloud, all you need is an internet connection and log in credentials.  Continue reading

ACTIVE Network Ranks 29 on the 2012 InformationWeek 500 and Wins First Place in the Information Technology Category

We’re thrilled to announce that ACTIVE Network ranked number 29 on the 2012 InformationWeek 500—a list of the top technology innovators in the U.S—and won first place in the Information Technology category.  The annual list was revealed last night at a gala awards ceremony at the InformationWeek 500 Conference. Mark Roebke, who heads up our Product Innovation team, was on hand to accept the award.

ACTIVE Network was recognized for our RTP LivePass™ solution, a  white-labeled mobile commerce and content platform that helps resorts differentiate themselves in the market and increases conversion and commerce by being as mobile as their guests. The first mobile platform for the ski industry, LivePass answers the question, “What if I could turn my ski pass on?”  Prior to LivePass, the industry lacked a solution that truly connected a guest to the ski resort experience, but with LivePass, resorts can deliver a personalized, contextually-relevant experience that is commerce-enabled, location-aware and socially-connected. LivePass users can purchase tickets, gain access to lifts, view resort information, access special deals and stay connected with social networks. In addition, LivePass leverages the GPS capabilities of mobile devices to allow users to track their ski runs, analyze stats and share their experiences with friends.

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Revealed: The Top Excuses for Not Exercising

ACTIVE Network and the Sporting Goods Manufacturers’ Association (SGMA) released a new study on the top motivators and blockers for physical activity. Quick highlights are:


  • 35% of adults indicate a big blocker for participation is that they don’t have a buddy to do it with
  • 60% of adults indicate they’re not more active because they “just don’t like sports.” But what about simple activities—playing with your children, going for a hike?
  • Adults spend more on sports apparel and footwear than they do on sports events, clubs etc.
  • Staying healthy or improving appearance is actually a poor motivator for kids to participate—only 17% selected this as a reason for participating
  • The more sports or activities in which a parent participates, the more likely their child is to be active—85% of parents with children active in two or more activities indicated involvement in six sports/activities themselves

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City of Leduc Launches the First Online Event Calendar in Canada

The City of Leduc and its community partners have launched one online calendar to serve the entire community. The new event website – 1calendar.ca – pulls in events from multiple sources across the city into one simplistic view. This is the first synchronized technology in Canada that combines events from the city, library, development authority, and chamber of commerce (and more organizations in the future). With the new calendar, citizens and visitors do not have to search through multiple sources to get a view of the day’s activities.
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7 Ways to Write for More Registrations

Do you sometimes feel like participants skim over your website or emails, completely missing the registration link? Do you receive too many phone calls asking about program and event information? It’s no secret that attention spans are getting shorter and many people are skimming rather than reading, but there are ways you can present information about your event that are more likely to garner attention.

Here are seven writing tips to ensure your words will be read (and get you more registrations):  Continue reading

Steve Connolly Takes the Helm at ACTIVE Network Outdoors

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of veteran leader, Steve Connolly, as the new SVP leading our Outdoors business which works with state and federal government agencies to help manage reservations, permitting and licensing for their camping and hunting & fishing operations. We sat down with Steve to learn more about his vision for the business and where he sees the industry going.

ACTIVE: Tell us a bit about your background.

Steve: Well, I’ve spent the past 25 years running various businesses and held several leadership roles at General Electric. My career has spanned sales, operations and asset management in large-scale, global businesses. Additionally, I have spent a great deal of my career focused on quality management and process improvement and am a certified master black belt in Six Sigma methodology. My background is very well-suited to the types of large, complex customers we have in the Outdoors business, working with state and federal government agencies to fulfill on our commitments.

ACTIVE: What drew you to ACTIVE?

Steve: I was really drawn to the opportunity at ACTIVE for the potential to drive rigor and significant growth in the Outdoors business. Coming from a very mature market at GE, I was interested in joining a technology company with a lot of market opportunity ahead of them. I very clearly see the opportunity for ACTIVE to continue expanding in the Outdoors business, but also to grow our market share in the broader activities marketplace. We have a lot of runway in front of us not only in the markets in which we already operate, but also moving into adjacent markets and making strides internationally as well.

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Why Should Park and Rec Agencies Blog?

Eighty-one percent of marketers rated their blogs as useful, important, or critical. Simply put, those who blog are seeing the results. For parks and recreation agencies, you may wonder how a blog could be beneficial, so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Here’s how and why a blog can help support your goals:

Improve communication with your members/customers

1. Post your blog articles to social networks – You’re always looking for interesting things to post to Facebook and Twitter, right? Writing your own blog posts gives you something to say through social media. Be sure to post your articles on your social networks to increase engagement and visitors.  Continue reading

ACTIVE Showcases How Swim Meets of Tomorrow Are Run @ ASCA

Remember trying to reach someone on their beeper vs. cell phone? Remember reading the newspaper vs. checking out the latest New York Times article online? Or remember licking stamps and sending a letter through the postal service instead of an email?

Likewise, do you remember the days of chasing swimmers around the pool, Sharpie pen in hand, printing out paper heat sheets, scrambling to find lane assignments or whipping out your checkbook to pay for a swim meet?

Yes, even the way swim meets today are run is changing for the better. ACTIVE Network is transforming the way swim meets are run and experienced through our suite of software products, including the recently announced Meet Mobile app. Our integrated technology suite enables you to seamlessly communicate with everyone in the swim community – be it meet directors, coaches, swimmers or fans. How, you might ask?

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