5 Facebook Mistakes To Avoid (That You Haven’t Heard Before)

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Your organization has a Facebook page. Maybe you set one up because everyone else has one so or you heard about hundreds of millions of users and Googled, “How to set up a Facebook page.” Either way, we were all rookie users at one point (still are in many ways) and searched for the how-to articles. But once you did some more reading and posting on your own, you probably came across the basic mistakes to avoid like “not listening to your audience” and “posting too often.”    Continue reading

Top 10 Recreation Apps To Inspire Your Mobile Strategy

In 2011, the number of smartphones sold exceeded the number of PCs sold (10 Mobile Statistics You Need to Hear). With the internet, email, and apps right in their pockets, people access the world from the palms of their hands. That’s why cities, parks and recreation departments, and other community organizations have built mobile apps to connect with visitors and customers to inspire activity. Here are ten mobile apps that will help you with some ideas when you develop a great app for your organization:

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Share the Experience Photo Contest Launches

Bug spray? Check. Tent? Check.
Sleeping bag? Check. Sunblock? Check. Camera to capture an amazing photo of your experience in one of our nation’s parks, forests and recreational lands? Absolutely!

If you’re getting outdoors this summer, triple check your gear list so that you don’t forget your camera! Today, alongside the National Park Foundation and several other partners, we kicked off the annual Share the Experience photo contest where you can submit pictures taken at any federal lands site for the chance to win great prizes and have your image selected for use on the America the Beautiful Federal Recreation Lands Pass. Roughly 500,000 passes are issued each year, so your photo will be enjoyed by tons of outdoors enthusiasts across the nation!

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Top 10 Non-Profit Marketing Blogs to Read

Non-profits have a different goals with their marketing and social media initiatives. Even though the Mashables of the world are great for keeping up with social media trends and how-tos, non-profits need more unique marketing advice sometimes. After doing some research, we found ten great non-profit blogs that will help you with marketing, fundraising, and more:

1. Beth’s Blog: Beth Kanter, co-author of The Networked Nonprofit, discusses social media and networked marketing for nonprofits. With numerous awards and over 400,000 Twitter followers, Beth is influential in the nonprofit and technology world.     Continue reading

Wearable Technology Moves to Ski Goggles

Read our Foray into the World of Wearable Mobile Technology

Watching the transformation of mobile devices from basic phones with text-based web browsers to the powerful multi-tasking devices available today has been an experience.

As an avid mountain biker, I’m impressed with those willing to attach an iPhone to their handlebars to track an off-road ride. I try not to crash, but really have no interest in witnessing my phone shatter against a rock. How about those who risk strange tan lines and arm fatigue by strapping their electronic world to their arm before going on a run? Not me; I’ve earned a nice farmers tan from my cycling kit and I don’t really run that well anyway. Fortunately, there’s a logical evolution of devices happening and just now starting to enter the market in the form of wearable technology.

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We’re poolside in Omaha!

Here we are in Omaha at the Olympic Swim Trials! There’s splashing and Speedos and superfast swimmers everywhere. It’s exciting and competitive—and we’re loving every minute of it. Whether you’re here at the Trials or watching from home, we want you to be part of this incredible week. If you haven’t already, connect with us on Facebook to get real-time updates from the pool deck or use hashtag #MeetMobile to join the conversation on Twitter.

The other great way to stay in the competition this week is to download the new Meet Mobile app for iOS on iTunes or Android on Google Play. It’s free and will give you all the meet info you need—heat results, individual swimmer results, event timelines, etc. So far this week, we’ve seen more than 5,000 downloads!

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Cisco Live! Takes San Diego by Storm

Last week, June 11-15, San Diego played host to Cisco Live!, Cisco’s largest annual educational and training event, attracting 15,000 attendees, 41,000 virtual attendees, 600 speakers, and 300 exhibitors.

In addition to powering Cisco Live! with our Conference™ solution, Active Network also had the pleasure of hosting a mix of more than 30 clients for a behind-the-scenes tour of Cisco Live!, followed by an afternoon educational session hosted at the  San Diego Active Network offices.

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Meet Mobile Swim App Launches!

We are positively giddy about watching the top swimmers in America compete at next week’s swim trials in Omaha!

In anticipation of all the excitement, we launched our free Meet Mobile swim app today, where you can get real-time, customizable access to heat and psych sheets, check event timelines and get event results.

What better place to launch the app than at the trials, where die-hard swim fans can see how our app helps improve the way they experience swimming. Meet Mobile works in conjunction with our Hy-Tek Meet Manager 4.0 software and empowers swim clubs and meet hosts to focus on planning and running their meets, while coaches can use the app to keep track of when and where every swimmer needs to be. Our app is swimming in useful features, click here to learn more.

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Manhattan Beach Parks & Rec Switches to Web-Based Software

Manhattan Beach is a coastal city in Southern California with about 35,000 citizens. The Parks and Recreation department recently switched from a client-based solution (Class®) to a web-based software system (ActiveNet™). Here are some details about the department:

  • 12 full-time employees (plus part-time employees)
  • 3 community centers
  • 200 – 600 activities per season
  • Swimming, fitness, cultural arts, sports leagues, special events and more run through the P&R department     Continue reading

Breaking News: Mobs Swarm Active.com; Initial Reports include Mud, Paint, Zombies and Fire

Courtesy Spartan Race

This just in: Mobs are swarming to an explosive, new event trend where you get to jump over fire, crawl through mud, outrun zombies and get splashed with paint. Recognizing this emerging movement, we just launched a brand new Mob™ experience on Active.com to reflect and celebrate the mob mentality of this new breed of adventure-seeking participant. It’s Mobalicious!

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