14 Must-Know Statistics About Email Marketing (From HubSpot)

Email marketing in 2012 is a fierce competition (and not just with your competitors). Nike competes against Nate The Car Salesman while a mother tries to nudge out Match.com for a little inbox affection. With all of these messages, the once-sacred inbox now moves more like a Twitter feed than a mailman.

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Dave & Matt Bring Home the Gold at Recent Ernst & Young Awards

Dave & Matt (middle) accept their awards from the ceremony hosts.

We are still reveling in the afterglow of our thrilling win at the San Diego Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

Our CEO, Dave Alberga, and President, Matt Landa, won top honors in the Technology and Software category. This award is one of the world’s most prestigious business awards for entrepreneurs. Next, Dave & Matt will head on to the National competition with 1,700 other regional winners, held in Palm Springs, California this fall. As Dave said in his acceptance speech, this award isn’t about him or Matt. The award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our 3,300 employees across the globe. Go team, go!!

Leading up to the big night, I sat down with Dave and Matt to talk about how they each exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and how their leadership has helped catapult the company to where it is today. Below are short excerpts from our conversation…

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The Oldest Man on the Mountain

Justin hiking with his dad in Hells Canyon, Oregon.

Growing up with a dad who was keen on getting outdoors meant that camping and hiking were a part of life for me.

Admittedly, when I was five years old, there were things that I would rather be doing than spending a few nights in the wilderness with my dad. I wondered what my friends were doing or what was on television. On those childhood backpacking trips, Dad did his best to pack food for the trail—but his best was still pretty bad. Our meals usually consisted of ramen noodles, Cheese Wiz and jerky, but I know he tried.

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Growing the Game With Your On-Line Club Strategy

Pictured here: Ed Mullen playing golf with his sons in Florida.

The game of golf is coming back and your online marketing strategy can help accelerate growth of the game!

The recent economic downturn saw golfers cut back on the sport for a number of reasons. However, there are signs of renewed interest in the game and many of the clubs I’ve spoken with are very optimistic about the uptick in play and group inquiries. This increase in interest is coinciding with a greater awareness by courses and clubs on the potential the web and mobile pose for targeting consumers with special offers, new club services, golf outings and more.

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What 2,300 People Think About the Great Outdoors [STUDY]

The school year is ending, summer is starting, and families are looking to spend more time together. They also want to get active outdoors, which is good news for parks and recreation agencies! By the way, video games don’t make the list as a favorite summer family activity, so recreation is in business!

Active Network surveyed over 2,300 active consumers (1) to better understand their love for the outdoors. Take a look at these statistics and use them in your marketing, event planning and programming. Here are the results:     Continue reading

Why 6.5 Million Stolen LinkedIn Passwords Should Get You Thinking

Source: www.pcworld.com

Last week, a Russian hacker claimed that he stole almost 6.5 million encrypted LinkedIn passwords (without the usernames). This goes to show how delicate online security can be. If a publicly-traded social network like LinkedIn can be compromised, how secure is your website? And more importantly, how secure are the online payments you receive for donations and registrations?   Continue reading

What’s The #1 Activity For Families This Summer? Hint: It’s Not Video Games

As schools come to a close this month, families all across America are looking forward to slowing down, and spending time together.  A great way to collect memories and experiences is by spending time as a family enjoying outdoor activities.

Active Network, the leaders in activity and participant management™, surveyed over 2,300 active consumers1 to better understand their love of outdoor activities. 85% of our respondents said they camped in the summer, and almost 70% camp more than three times a year indicating that outdoor activities and camping are one of the most popular ways for families to spend time and stay active in the summer.

And it’s the number one activity Americans plan on spending more on in 2012.

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7 Great Resources for Parks & Recreation Trends

Everyday it seems like a social network is launched, thousands of apps are released, and a new type of workout is spreading across the country. In the parks and recreation world, it’s important to keep up with the changes so that you can offer the best programs and services for your constituents. As a P&R pro, check out the seven resources listed below in order to stay on top of news, trends, and tips within the industry. (If you already subscribe to most of these, use this article as a way to keep your resources organized):

1. Parks & Recreation Magazine

NRPA’s publication has helped park professionals serve the public for 50 years by providing key issues, trends, and advice about American parks, recreation, and conservation.   Continue reading

The Silent Bomb: 6 Post-IPO Facebook Changes That Impact You

Source: www.blottr.com

They say that IPOs kill innovation. Facebook went public back on May 18 and it tanked, but that’s not the story here. The largest social network has made multiple small updates since its first day of trading that point to the changing philosophy of Facebook. For non-profits and community organizations, we want to bring your attention to the changes and show how they affect you as brand page owners:   Continue reading

Making the World EverActive with Aetna

Did you catch our exciting news this morning? We’re working with Aetna to help their members become more physically active through Aetna Everactive, a new social community that brings together online health and fitness resources with opportunities to participate in local events. Aetna’s largest customers now can offer Aetna Everactive to all of their employees, at no cost to the employer or their employees. Woot!

Aetna Everactive provides online tools for members to explore activities and:

  • Set goals like losing weight, drinking more water, walking every day or running
  • Access online and mobile training plans
  • Search, register and participate in events in their local communities
  • Track personal vitals such as weight, BMI, heart rate and more
  • Connect with friends on social networks for inspiration and encouragement

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