Top 10 Tips to Turn Your Website into Your Strongest Marketing Tool

With 245 million internet users across the United States accessing the web from their computers, phones, and tablets, it’s clear that your website should be the centerpiece of your recreation marketing. People within your community can access your website around the clock, saving time for your staff and improving the experience for your customers. To make sure your website is functioning like a well-oiled marketing machine, follow these ten tips:

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Get #Active

Our motley crew of 10+ Active Network volunteers attended an inspired TEDx presentation last month here in San Diego. It sparked something in me.

Sometimes, “changing the world,” can seem like an insurmountable and ambiguous idea. How can I, just one small person, truly change the world? At Tedx, I saw proof that change doesn’t have to be impossible.

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How to Manage Your P&R Agency Better, Faster, and Easier

parks and rec softwareBuilding a healthier community is the ultimate goal for a parks and recreation agency. But in the past few years, budget and staff cuts have made it harder to focus on that goal given the time spent on day-to-day rec management. However, technology can help parks and recreation agencies manage processes better, faster, and easier:     Continue reading

Bring Your Child to Work Day… Active Style!

Have you ever asked your kids if they can explain what you do all day at work? It may seem obvious, but I bet if you go home today and ask them, you might be surprised by their answer. Here are a few responses from kids who attended our “Take Your Child to Work Day,” last Friday. “My mom watches all the money….My mom brings people online…My dad makes web sites…My dad gets coffee.” LOL!

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And it’s Active Network for the win!

A huge congrats to our VP of Global Technology Operations, Greg Ingino – a San Diego Business Journal (SDBJ) IT Exec of the Year!

The other night, our team headed down to the Reuben H. Fleet Center in San Diego to mingle with some of the top tech execs in town at SDBJ’s 5th Annual Information Technology Executive of the Year Awards. Looks like our crossed fingers and toes brought us luck – Greg walked away the winner in the Large Public Company category!

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5 Benefits from 5 Parks and Recreation Software Users

parks and recreation agenciesOver the past few years, parks and recreation agencies have been squeezed with revenue, staff, and time. To save time and money with fewer resources, P&R agencies are using rec software to run more efficiently and offer better citizen service. Here are five cities that are benefiting in five different ways by implementing recreation software:     Continue reading

Activity Matters

Active Network exists in part because people need Activity – our customers need us to help them manage activities and the general public needs an easy way to discover and sign up for those activities. By meeting those needs, we are fueling Activity Everywhere and enabling millions of people to live healthier, more enriched lives. That fuels our company mission and the reason why we do what we do every day.

We are here to make the world a more Active place.

How are we doing this? We work hand in hand with our customers to bring our mission to life and we help support government legislation that promotes health and Activity. We have also developed our Employee Wellness program, ActiveX, to help redefine the way Active Network, as well as other corporations, attract and retain talent. We are now igniting a movement to inspire Activity in local communities and to redefine the way the world gets Active…….join us! Take a read through our Always Active blog to learn how our customers, partners, employees and people all over the world are finding their Active.

Ever Active,
Dave Alberga, CEO
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Opening Day, First Game, First Tears and First Joy!

Under blue skies, puffy white clouds and spring tree blossoms, Little League of Davis celebrated opening day last month.

As the busy mom of a Farm Division Dodger, my heart swelled with pride as I watched my 7 year old son march confidently onto the field, high five some local officials as well as members of the UC Davis Baseball team, and proceed to cheer on the first pitch of the season.

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