10 Mobile Statistics You Need to Hear

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Source: crunchbase.com

Mobile phones don’t just produce a bunch of OMGs and LOLs anymore. Everyone has a smart phone or will have one someday. People use their phones to do everything their computers can do, right from their pockets. This means that organizations need to start paying attention. Here are ten stats to show that it’s time to start thinking about connecting with customers through mobile:  Continue reading

New Kansas State Park Reservation System Opens for Business!

Congratulations to our friends at the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism(KDWPT), which launched its first-ever online reservation site today. Clearly there are some night owls in Kansas as close to 700 guests had already made reservations on the system between midnight and dawn this morning! Powered by our ActiveWorks cloud technology, and hosted on our ReserveAmerica.com site, the new reservation system makes it easy for guests to find and reserve campsites and cabins in Kansas state parks and at select fishing lakes and wildlife areas. The KDWPT joins more than 20 other wildlife agencies and over 30 States who rely on Active Network to automate their campgroundhunting and fishing reservations. Learn more about today’s news here.

– Mona Klausing champions global PR and gets active through yoga, camping, traveling, volunteering and spending time with her family and animals.

10 Killer Facebook Cover Images for Community Organizations

By now, we all know about Facebook’s new look: the timeline. At the end of March, all Facebook brand pages were switched to the timeline with the opportunity to post a “cover image” at the top. And since we all know a picture says a thousand words, you can use this space to send a powerful message to your Facebook visitors. Some of the YMCAs, parks and recreation agencies, and community organizations we work with have posted great covers already. Here are ten you can learn from:        Continue reading

How to Turn Rec Centers and Facilities into Free Marketing Tools

DYK-Facility-As-MarketingHow many people visit your facilities each year? Between pools, rec centers, parks, and gyms that number is probably pretty high. It’s also your total yearly reach if you use walls, benches, and counters as places for marketing messages. Here are some things to consider before investing in display advertising:

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5 Must-Know Online Marketing Trends for P&R Agencies

Online reputation managementGo camping for a few days and you miss Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram for $1 billion, Google+’s announcement of a redesign, and Twitter user finding out for that Titanic was actually real and not just a movie. And since everything changes so quickly online, it can be hard to separate the important trends from the fads.

For parks and recreation agencies, there are some new-ish online marketing tools and trends that you can use to spread the word about your programs, classes, and facilities. Here are five free resources to take advantage of:    Continue reading

Fireside Chat With Outdoors Maven, Jackie Burns

With camping’s busiest season approaching, we sat down with our Senior Marketing Manager for Outdoors, Jackie Burns, to chat about her various camping experiences in her home state of Florida. Her stories made us want to pull the plug, pack it up and hit the trails. Read on to hear more about how Jackie found her love for the great outdoors.

What was your most memorable childhood camping adventure?
Some of my all-time favorite childhood memories are camping trips. Two of those trips were to the exact same state campground in the Florida Keys – two very different experiences, many years apart, but equally thrilling and memorable.

Tell us a little bit about your first camping trip.
The first was a family camping trip to Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys with my parents and three brothers – all six of us in a four-person tent! This is where I learned to snorkel, saw my very first shark in the ocean (a foot-long baby nurse shark, but pretty exciting for a kid), swam with barracuda and spotted “spotted morays,” (both more frightening than the shark), discovered a baby octopus that wrapped its tentacles around my fingers, and fished and crabbed for our dinner.

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The Results Are In….We’re Partnering With USA Swimming!

We recently announced a strategic partnership with USA Swimming as the exclusive supplier of live results for the USA Swimming Deck Pass™ program and the Official Meet Management Software Supplier. USA Swimming is the premier governing body of all things aqueous and we’re honored to be teamed up with such a well-respected organization! Want to learn more? Check out the release here.

– Shannon Fiack is our resident writing muse and gets active by playing beach volleyball, traveling abroad, swinging on the trapeze and hopefully running away to the circus someday.

The 2 Fortune Tellers @ the adTech Opening Keynote

It’s the largest gathering of professionals at the intersection of technology and marketing on the west coast and it started today. At 9 am, the pre-music was pumping. I wondered if the evening concert headliner, Tainted Love (remember them?) was about to take the stage. And then, the two keynote speakers took the stage to show how technology is blazing trails for their respective businesses. I couldn’t help but notice that their crystal ball points directly to what Active Network is doing for its own customers today, right now.

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How to Set up Google Place Pages for Your Facilities

Google has all types of search tools. From regular search to social search, videos, news, images, shopping, books, and others, it can be overwhelming. But today, we’re going to make it simple for recreation agencies or anyone who manages physical facilities and parks. Each gym, park, rec center, and pool can have it’s own Google place page that will appear in Google’s results. It’s easy to set up, powerful, and free:      Continue reading

NRPA and Sprite Team up to ‘Spark Parks’ across the Country

Many great basketball players fall in love with the game in the park. Just as Kentucky polished off its eight national championship with three freshman and two sophomores leading the way, NRPA (National Recreation and Park Association) and Sprite® have teamed up to revitalize courts across America. And you have a say in what court gets the best face lift!

What it is

Sprite® Sparks Parks is a program that will re-build 25 basketball courts across the country. Ten of those courts will receive $15,000 based on your votes.   Continue reading