5 Reasons We’re Pumped About ACTIVE World

ACTIVE World kicks off next week and there’s an electric energy in the air here at ACTIVE as we prepare for the big show.

ACTIVE World is our biggest, most comprehensive educational experience for our customers, where we offer them the chance to LEARN from our product experts, CONNECT with other customers and discover ways to GROW their business.

We’re bringing together our best team of product experts and industry thought leaders to discuss the latest industry news and product updates in dynamic keynotes, breakout sessions, 1×1’s and more. What are we most excited about? It’s hard to choose, but here are our top five:


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Can’t make it? Follow all the excitement on our social channels. We’re going behind the scenes at the show, recounting unique customer stories and providing an exclusive look into our technology right here on the Always ACTIVE blog. On Twitter, jump in to the conversation using the hashtag #ACTIVEWORLD and follow us @ACTIVENetwork.

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We can’t wait to show you all that ACTIVE has to offer next week. It promises to be an amazing experience. See you there!

ACTIVE World Starts Next Week!

Next Tuesday, the ACTIVE World user conference commences and we’re pretty excited. On April 9th, hundreds of our customers across many markets head down to San Diego for a three-day educational experience. Specifically in our Communities division, we’re looking forward to hanging out with over 300 customers from government organizations, P&R agencies, YMCAs, and more.

Below are some highlights for the week ahead at ACTIVE World. At the end, you’ll see ways to register if you are an ACTIVE customer and ways to keep up with the happenings if you can’t make it.  Continue reading

Top 4 Myths About ‘The Cloud’

Even in 2013, ‘the cloud‘ is still confusing. I guess that’s what we get for using such a wispy term to describe what pretty much is ‘the internet’. But when people reference ‘the cloud’, it’s usually in relation to things like software, storage and computing. So it’s fair to consider ‘the cloud’ and ‘cloud computing’ to be virtually the same thing: software that is passed over the internet.
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10 Questions You Need to Ask Around Event Management Technology

Event Trends Report 2013Did you know that organizations spend billions of dollars on meetings and events each year, yet determining the ROI of those programs is pretty darn hard?

Choosing smart event management software can not only help organizations increase efficiency and attendee engagement, but also extract the intelligence needed to grow their business.

Today, we published a buyer’s guide on the top ten questions smart companies need to ask when purchasing event management software, including:

1.  How will event tech help me do my job better?
2.  How will event tech help me prove ROI?
3.  How will event tech help me grow my business?
4.  How will event tech help me demonstrate cost savings?
5.  How will event tech make my attendees happy?
6.  How will event tech improve my relationship with attendees?
7.  How will event tech improve my relationship with exhibitors?

Want to learn more? Download the free report, here.

4 Ways To Engage Your YMCA Members (Outside Its 4 Walls)

If you’re reading this, you are probably involved with YMCAs in some capacity. And since you’re in the industry and we’re a software company, we won’t be talking about how you can better engage your members on a human level or in person. You’ve got that down.

But we do know technology, so this blog post will cover some ways you can interact with your members through newer media and tools. Here are 4 ways to improve member engagement when they aren’t at your facilities: Continue reading

Facebook’s New Timeline Design for P&R Agencies (VIDEO)

Facebook is playing around with a significant Timeline redesign. The new format is being rolled out experimentally and could be live for all members soon. And to cover this change for the parks & recreation community, we turn to Josh Panzer. Josh is the founder of ParksandRecreationSocialMedia.com.

Check out his video guest blog post to learn how your agency should adjust to the pending Facebook change:  Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons to Join ‘Recreation Management and Technology’ on LinkedIn

LinkedIn [in] logo - 2 color reverse - pngRecreation professional: we want you. If you are on LinkedIn, we’d love to have you as a member of the “Recreation Management and Technology” group on LinkedIn. Why you may ask? Here are five reasons to join:

1. Get free resources: Members of the group post discussions about recreation tips and trends. If you join the group, you can set up email notifications to receive those updates and view the ones that appeal to you.  Continue reading

Why You Need The City of Calgary Recreation’s Thank You Page

When a customer registers for a program or books a facility online, what happens? Do you thank them? Do you recommend other similar programs or point them to your Facebook page? Don’t squander this opportunity to turn a new customer into a loyal one.

We covered this idea a few months ago in this article: 3 Critical Web Pages You Are NeglectingOne of the three we covered was the thank you page. To summarize, each web interaction with a customer is a great opportunity for your P&R agency to take the next step. On the thank you page, can you turn that customer into a Facebook fan? Can you point that customer to other similar programs (upsell)? Designing goal-oriented thank you pages should be a part of your marketing strategy.  Continue reading

Y the Cloud? On Greater San Antonio YMCA’s Move to the Cloud

One of our biggest YMCA customers, Greater San Antonio, is migrating from Class® software to ACTIVE Net™. I know, I know. What’s the big deal, right? A customer is switching from one of our software systems to another. Although the move itself may not directly impact you today, it speaks to a much more important trend across the YMCA industry: YMCAs are moving to the cloud.   Continue reading