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Despite all of the amazing medical breakthroughs that have occurred in the past, something terrible is happening. Since 1980, childhood obesity has risen 300%. 70% of our 5-17 years olds are at risk for cardiovascular disease. For the first time in history, we’re looking at a generation of children who are facing a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Continue reading

How ACTIVE Connects Our Mission with Yours

Our mission is to make the world a more active place. We believe in participating in our customers’ activities to better understand how we can serve them. We also want to understand the communities that our customers serve. Over the past eight years, ACTIVEx Charity Challenge (AxCC), has been a way for us to walk a mile in our customers’ shoes AND give back directly to the communities they serve.

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Breaking the Mold of Social Responsibility

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At ACTIVE our mission is clear—to power the world’s activities and connect people with the things they love, want and need to do. We believe that as we help organizations manage their business more effectively, we can help them get more people active. Continue reading

Kids in the Office, Kids in the Game

Emily Hite is our employee communications go-to pro and helped coordinate ACTIVE’s Kids in the Office event. Below, Emily shares highlights from the day. 

ACTIVE Network welcomed more than 60 kids to its San Diego headquarters on the national Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

We had a blast engaging them in our mission to power the world’s activities and connect people to the things they love, want and need to do.

True to our values, we powered an abundance of activity. The children checked themselves in on iPads using ACTIVE On-Site™ registration. They learned how to budget their allowance from our finance executives. Kids danced, played red light/green light, and ran a race wearing bibs and earning medals. The team helped the four to 12-year-old kids create a collective bucket list; items included, “Go on a safari,” “Start my own video game company,” “Ride my bike to Hawaii,” and “Eat pizza with dolphins.”

The day’s festivities coincided with the kickoff of the annual ACTIVEx Charity Challenge, which funds a cause aligning with our effort to make the world a more active place. From now through July, hundreds of our employees will train for a local endurance event and work together to reach our $100,000 fundraising goal.

This year, all of ACTIVE’s offices will race for Kids in the Game (KITG), an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on empowering youth to live up to their full potential through positive sports experiences that form active, healthy habits for a lifetime. Every $30 raised gives a low-income, underserved boy or girl a chance to participate in organized sports for one year. KITG believes every kid deserves a chance to play. We want to help more youth get in the game and stay in it as adults.

At our kickoff brown-bag lunch, Charity Challenge veterans spoke about the impact training and fundraising has had on their work, families and communities. “We do it to challenge ourselves physically, mentally and philanthropically,” remarked Jon Christopher, a software development manager at ACTIVE. “We’re philanthroletes.”

2.62 Miles to Boston – United, We Are ACTIVE

Hundreds of ACTIVE employees in San Diego, Shanghai, Saratoga Springs, Bothell, Burnaby, Philadelphia and a half-dozen other ACTIVE offices around the world stepped out today to show their support for Boston, our race directors and the entire running community.

We ran, we walked, we cheered on our colleagues as we completed 2.62 miles for the runners that didn’t have the chance.

Our own Mike Rouse, director of strategic events, completed his 254th marathon when he crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon earlier this week. We chatted with him this morning around how this week’s events have affected the running community and his plans for 2014.

“We are runners and we are strong,” Rouse told us. “As the oldest, most prestigious running event in the world, the Boston Marathon is on every seasoned marathoner’s bucket list. The running community feels like this is OUR event, OUR heritage and we won’t be defeated. ACTIVE employees completed 2.62 miles today to show the world that no one can stop us from being active. I bet that Boston will have four times as many entries next year. I just ran 3:39 at Boston and have qualified for next year. Like many runners, I can’t wait to register in September. 2014 Boston will be the best yet.”

All of us at ACTIVE are proud to be part of this strong, resilient endurance community. United, we are ACTIVE.

ACTIVE Leads National Movement to Get PHIT

Dave Landa, our senior director of strategic business development, talks about how ACTIVE is helping America get PHIT. 

Not only is America the most obese nation in the world, but a recent 2012 Physical Activity Council study has found that Americans are the most sedentary as well, with 24% of Americans having done no form of exercise in the past 12 months.

The consequences of this are shocking.

However, regular physical activity can help reduce diabetes, anxiety and Alzheimer’s by nearly 50%, help increase academic performance and more. Just $1 invested in physical activity can bring $3.20 in savings in direct medical costs, not to mention the other societal benefits, says the World Health Organization.

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Activity Matters: Mom Fuels Fortune 500 Company and ACTIVE Family

It’s interesting that yesterday’s news about Marissa Mayer and her appointment as Yahoo’s new chief executive has almost been eclipsed by the news of her pregnancy.

I find it refreshing to see an increasing number of tech companies startups co-founded or run by women, and many of these women also expertly balance busy families, volunteer their time, sit on executive boards and maintain a healthy lifestyle through sport or yoga on top of their already demanding, high profile booming careers. For instance, Mayer is on the board at Walmart and other various nonprofits, including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the San Francisco Ballet and the New York City Ballet. People nowadays do it all. Mayer is quoted to have said, “”You can be good at technology and like fashion and art. You can be good at technology and be a jock. You can be good at technology and be a mom. You can do it your way, on your terms.” Source: CNN.

I’m inspired by someone like Marissa who does seem to do it all. But, take pause, she works hard. Her work ethic is legendary. As I reflect on being a businesswoman and a mom, I have to work hard every day to find both energy and balance. I find energy in our work at ACTIVE and I find energy in being active. I chase my girls to ballet class. I am joining ACTIVE to raise money for Challenged Athletes Foundation. I’ve committed to a distance swim challenge with my husband, brother, sister and co-workers. Uh, oh. The one thing I’ve realized is that I only have time for things I love.

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Activity Matters: Jump in! The water’s fine!

On July 27, the 2012 Summer Olympics will kick off in London. Families everywhere will take this opportunity to watch some amazing sports performances – especially from swimmers like Michael Phelps who competed in the Olympic trials last week in Omaha.

The excitement of the Olympics is a great opportunity to get your kids excited about trying new sports – and it’s the best time to get them excited about swimming. In fact, over 75% of all “active” families will watch the Olympics as a family.1

Now is the time to inspire future swimmers…
As our family watched the USA Olympic Swimming Trials last week and followed along daily with our Mobile Meet App, we were thrilled to see our own Aquamonster Swim Club coach, Scott Weltz, place first in the 200M Breaststroke and win his spot to the Olympics.  Both of my children could not believe that their goofy coach, who by the way is not the biggest, richest or tallest swimmer out there, made the team through hard work, perseverance and passion. They now believe they can get to the Olympics too, if they work hard enough. And they are even bigger fans of the sport after watching the amazing performances at the trials. I guarantee your kids will feel the same by watching the games this summer!

Ok, so now that your kids are inspired, what will motivate them to start and continue in the sport of swimming?

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Active Network Energizes 2012 SportAccord Convention

Let’s face it – conventions are equal parts exhilaration and exhaustion.

After listening in on mesmerizing presentations and networking with the cream of crop, all of the exhilarating experiences might catch up to you — eyelids droop from a red-eye flight into an unfamiliar city, you might get an achy back from hours of sitting and sore feet from scouring exhibition floors. Well at this year’s SportAccord Convention, we hosted an alternative to the common “convention woes” with morning exercise sessions that offered attendees an opportunity to kick-start their days, pump up their energy levels and socialize with fellow delegates.

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