ACTIVE Network Lends a Hand at the 2018 Fair Park Olympic Day Games for Kids

ACTIVE Network volunteers at Fair Park Olympics

“How did you spend your summer vacation?”

This classic essay question gets a cool new answer, following a unique volunteer effort. Together with our client Kidventure, ACTIVE Network had the privilege of helping out at the second annual Fair Park Olympic Day Games for Kids this June. The event provided local kids with a way to get active, build confidence and have a whole lot of fun during their summer break–and did we mention they got to hang out with Olympians, too? Continue reading

ACTIVE Network Celebrates Freedom and Fun with Independence Day Runs

Happy Fourth of July from ACTIVE Network

In the United States, Independence Day is a celebration of freedom from coast to coast. Each Fourth of July is filled with backyard barbecues, family and fireworks–and it’s also a great day for a run. In fact, according to Runner’s World, the Fourth is more popular than Christmas, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day when it comes to logging miles (though it can’t hold a candle to Thanksgiving Turkey Trots).

Here at ACTIVE Network, we love any reason to get up, get out and get moving, and we hold a special place in our hearts for our red, white and blue runs. Read on as ACTIVE team members describe why they love running on Independence Day, and how hitting the road, track or trail on this holiday ties into our mission to make the world a more active place. Continue reading

ACTIVE Network Celebrates Global Running Day

ACTIVE Network Celebrates Global Running Day in London

ACTIVE Network joined the worldwide celebration of Global Running Day to embrace fitness and fun on June 6, 2018. Global Running Day began in 2009 as a way for participants of all ages and abilities to take part a in a running activity by submitting their names to a pledge through the official website. Today, the holiday reaches some 162 countries and attracts over 280,000 participants.

What better way to emphasize ACTIVE Network’s mission to make the world a more active place by connecting people to the things they love, want and need to do than by participating in Global Running Day? Continue reading

ACTIVE Network Rallies for Global Payments’ Worldwide Day of Service

ACTIVE Network Joins Global Payments' Worldwide Day of Service

Here at ACTIVE Network, we’re all about connecting people to the things they love, want and need to do. We’re also a part of Global Payments, which is committed to building a culture of Service. Driven. Commerce. Sounds like a great match, right?

From clothing drives to clean-ups, ACTIVE goes “all in” for doing good in the community, and we always have fun while we’re doing it. So, in honor of Global Payments’ biannual Worldwide Day of Service on Wednesday, May 9, we rallied the troops in all of our offices to join Global Payments’ international efforts in the spirit of corporate citizenship. Continue reading

ACTIVE Network’s Aaron Trujillo Runs the 2018 Boston Marathon – in Sub-3!

The Boston Marathon is a big deal, to put it mildly. The Super Bowl of running represents the ultimate race–and unparalleled prestige–for endurance athletes.

The inaugural Boston Marathon was held on April 19, 1894, the first Patriots’ Day, with a field of 15 runners. Now taking place every third Monday in April, the Patriots’ Day tie imbues the event with themes of liberty and purpose. For runners, its exclusivity makes the Boston Marathon the ultimate dream. After growing to over 1,000 participants, qualifying standards were put in place in 1970 by the Boston Athletic Association to reserve the honor of participation for only around 30,000 top runners each year.  Continue reading

Let’s Play! Infographic: ACTIVEkids by the Numbers

ActiveKids ruler twitter

We’re super-excited about the opportunity to connect our customers’ fun and enriching kids programs with parents all over the nation through our new website, Our mission is two-fold: To offer yet another avenue for community organizers to get in front of parents searching for unique opportunities and to fulfill our mission of making the world a more active place.

When kids are active, it affects them for the rest of their lives, often resulting in better academic performance and setting them on a path to a healthy life. Don’t believe us?

We’ve got the numbers to prove it:

Continue reading

How to Raise Active Kids: Q&A with an ACTIVE Mom

SherylHoskinsKids Blog

Keeping kids active and healthy is a hard job for parents. Just ask Sheryl Hoskins, our General Manager of Communities. She’s an executive on the ACTIVE Network team and we want you to know the folks who are driving our mission to make the world a more active place.

That goal would be no more than a hopeless wish without Sheryl, who leads the effort to customize current and future software and service solutions for camps, churches, classes, government and non-profit organizers. As an MBA graduate and a six-year U.S. Army veteran, Sheryl is up for the challenge.

We spoke with Sheryl, a mother of two, about how she keeps her family active and healthy.

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