Dynamic Church Conference 2012

“Active Network, Faith!” And just like that, general manager Jeff Hook announced the unified product suite of Fellowship Technologies, ServiceU Corporation and ConnectionPower.com to the 500+ current customers at the Dynamic Church Conference in Dallas, TX.

“We maintain and remember our three companies’ histories that brought us here, but now it’s time to put history behind us and take it to the next level. We know Active Network, Faith is the future of dynamic churches everywhere.”

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Activity Matters

Active Network exists in part because people need Activity – our customers need us to help them manage activities and the general public needs an easy way to discover and sign up for those activities. By meeting those needs, we are fueling Activity Everywhere and enabling millions of people to live healthier, more enriched lives. That fuels our company mission and the reason why we do what we do every day.

We are here to make the world a more Active place.

How are we doing this? We work hand in hand with our customers to bring our mission to life and we help support government legislation that promotes health and Activity. We have also developed our Employee Wellness program, ActiveX, to help redefine the way Active Network, as well as other corporations, attract and retain talent. We are now igniting a movement to inspire Activity in local communities and to redefine the way the world gets Active…….join us! Take a read through our Always Active blog to learn how our customers, partners, employees and people all over the world are finding their Active.

Ever Active,
Dave Alberga, CEO
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How Technology is Transforming the Ski Resort Industry

Last week, Active Network held a customer conference in Squaw Valley where customers from ski resorts and other parks and attractions gathered to discuss the active entertainment world and learn new ways to use the RTP|ONE software system. There were some great technology discussions, skiing and snowboarding one afternoon, and socializing at night. Technology, skiing, and socializing – what could be better?

And yes, we discussed how the resort industry is changing, too. If you’ve been to a ski resort or theme park recently, you may have noticed some changes in your experience as a guest. Here are four ways that the resort industry is changing with new technology:

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The City of San Diego Goes Paperless with Parks & Rec Software

The City of San Diego is making it easier for citizens to get active. By partnering with Active Network, Communities the city has decided to automate its parks and recreation operations to help P & R staff save time and make it easier for people to register online. From facility reservations and park permitting to payment processing and e-commerce, San Diego has decided to manage its operations through parks and recreation software. Check out more on our Communities blog!

– Henry O’Loughlin has a way with words and gets active by playing basketball and volleyball, surfing San Diego beaches and traveling as often as possible.

Meander Down Our Path to Camps

Debuted at this year’s American Camp Association National, this fun infographic depicts a parent’s path to registering their kids for camp. We found out why parents choose camps, when they register for them, how much their spending and more. Did you know that the average planned spending on camp this year is $1,152? Take our journey down the path to camp registration!

– Aleka Mesaros is a PR spitfire and gets active by taking her goldendoodle on runs around Discovery Lake, hitting up the gym and practicing Ashtanga Yoga.