ACTIVE Data Report: Tips & Tricks for Using Facebook to Engage Athletes


Increasingly, our customers and partners approach us for data and insights that can help them implement social media strategies for growing participation in their events and delivering stand-out experiences for those participants. Like the customers we serve, we are keenly invested in leveraging social media, and particularly, Facebook to further our goal: to make the world a more active place.

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Five Tips to Help Local Communities Thrive with Technology in 2014

In 2014, hundreds of cities and community recreation facilities will migrate to ACTIVE Net, the cloud-based software designed to help organizations do more with less.  These forward-looking organizations are using technology to maximize their resources to better manage facilities, develop programs, and keep their community active.

Last fall, in the CIO Review, ACTIVE Network CEO, Darko Dejanovic shared some simple guidelines to help communities find the right technology for their needs in order to continue to better serve their citizens.

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ACTIVE Network Celebrates Customer Successes

COGSIn November 2013, we launched a series of events around the country for “Customer Owner Groups” or COGs. The events are a way to bring together customers of ACTIVE Net and Class products for a day of learning, networking, and collaborating.

Attendees will share best practices, be inspired by new business ideas, and learn the latest tips and tricks for ACTIVE Net and Class. During each event, we celebrate our customer successes with a Customer Excellence Award that recognizes key customers for their work in pioneering the use of new technology within their communities. The COGs series continues into 2014 with events throughout the US and Canada. If you are an ACTIVE Net or Class customer check out the schedule below and register for the next COG event near you!

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How to Drive People Online with Early Bird Registrations

RJC__20130725_Active_SDTech_7724Your organization offers online registration. It’s convenient for your customers and saves you tons of time, but not enough people are using it. So you still have some long lines on registration day and you’re scrambling for ways to get people online. Introducing…early bird registration. With early bird, you can give early access to registration to a certain group. That way, people will be enticed to go online to register before classes open up to everybody else.

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How to Fill Your Classes and Programs with Customer Success Stories

Marketing is most successful when praise comes from the customer, not the organization. For example, a bunch of great Yelp reviews are huge for a restaurant just like a friend’s referral is best for a doctor’s office. Parks and recreation agencies and YMCAs put on great programs and classes, and they help lots of people get in shape. That’s a winning formula for marketing!

Now it’s time to gather up those great success stories from your customers and use them in your marketing messages. Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:  Continue reading

Top 7 Technology Trends Your Organization May Be Missing

AU6U3954As we take a look across the industry at all sorts of organizations who serve the members of their communities, we’re noticing certain growing trends. We’d like to share those with you today, as well as stick our necks out to make some predictions about the future based on those trends. Here are the top 7 technology trends you should know about:

1. More mobile
Mobile technology is nothing new, but increasingly online traffic is coming from mobile devices and the trends are moving upward. Technology that started with basic cell phones has evolved into smart phones and iPads and apps. Make sure the community can access your programs while they’re on the go, with a variety of mobile devices, because that is what people are using more and more often. Make sure your programs are mobile accessible!

2. Personalization of websites
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Top 70 YMCA Twitter Accounts to Follow (and Imitate)

However you feel about the little Twitter bird, it’s not going away any time soon. Hundreds of millions of users access it everyday for information, and a lot of them could be your members and potential members. They look for news and information that fits their life, and what your YMCA offers should be a part of that mix.

Whether your YMCA has a Twitter account or you’re looking to create one soon, all Y marketers need a few role models. The following 70 North American YMCA accounts are the best and biggest on Twitter. They use Twitter to connect with members, answer questions, make announcements, discuss fitness and health, release registration dates and more. Consider following these accounts to get ideas for your own Twitter strategy. (The list was compiled based on number of followers, content provided, number of tweets, interactions with followers, recent activity and overall use of Twitter to connect with customers. From there, the list was ordered from most followers to least followers.)  Continue reading

Top 10 Ways Your YMCA Should Use Twitter

Does your YMCA have an active Twitter account? If you do, you understand how it can be a valuable communication tool. But your success on Twitter can go beyond the number of followers, mentions, and clicks. You can use it to get some local press, track what people think about your facilities and much more. Consider using Twitter in these ten different ways and you’ll be surprised how much it has to offer:  Continue reading

How to Increase Participation in Parks & Recreation [SLIDESHOW]

Your parks and recreation agency’s mission probably goes something like this: we strive to enrich the lives of our residents by providing quality recreation programs, facilities and natural open spaces. But to reach that ultimate goal, you need to increase participation in what you offer. When more citizens are involved, your community is healthier and stronger.  Continue reading