ACTIVE Takes Center Ring @ SXSWi

Ladies and Gentleman, girls and boys – come one, come all! Be amazed, be enchanted, be mystified, be amused…

ACTIVE is taking center ring at Mashery’s Circus Mashimus lounge at the SXSW Interactive Festival to demo our APIs and provide a sneak peek at the new

We’re also showcasing what other hackers have built by integrating our Activity Search, Campgrounds, and Golf Tee Times API, giving away sweet swag and hosting POWER UP! Morning Runs

Our API program allows developers direct access to one of the most comprehensive databases of global events and activities like summer camps, 5k’s, golf tee times, campground reservations and classes.

Visit us under the Big Top and follow our ACTIVE Access hackers as they experience one of the greatest shows on earth!

YMCA of Greater San Antonio migrates to ACTIVE Net

We’re excited to announce that one of our largest YMCA customers, the YMCA of Greater San Antonio, is migrating from Class® software  to ACTIVE Net™ so that their staff can operate more efficiently and create an awesome member experience by providing easy access to its activities, like spring flag football, boot camp and swim lessons, online.

I sat down with Liesien Benet, Vice President of IT at the YMCA of Greater San Antonio, to understand how this technology can help her staff better engage with their 50,000+ members.

Liesien said that with ACTIVE Net, “The YMCA of Greater San Antonio IT staff won’t have to spend the time maintaining database servers, worrying about PCI compliance or purchasing additional hardware. Our front-office staff can easily access the system anywhere at any time and can focus on creating a great member experience.”

Check out ACTIVE Net in action at YMCAs across North America, including Odessa Family YMCA in Odessa, Texas and Randolph County YMCA in Winchester, Indiana.

To learn more, see the full news releaseor visit

Iron Girl Mobilizes Race Day with ACTIVE On-Site

We sat down the other week with Iron Girl VP, Judy Molnar, to chat about how mobile technology has helped her and her staff manage activities and participants more efficiently… from anywhere!

Launched in 2004 with just two events, the Iron Girl brand has grown to 13 events nationwide, varying in distance from 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon to duathlon and triathlon. Judy says their 5K events register more and more people on-site and needed an efficient way to process on-site registrations, both for her staff and for the participant.

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CouchCachet Wins Big With ACTIVE’s API @ Foursquare Hackathon


Developers and designers came together recently at the 2013 FourSquare Hackathon to build some sweet hacks that allow people to connect to activities…anywhere!

Couch Cachet won ‘Best App’ for using an API from the Mashery API Network — ACTIVE’s Activity Search API.

By integrating API’s from ACTIVE and FourSquare, the hack finds cool activities going on near you, like events, races, tournaments, classes or leagues, and checks you in on FourSquare.

Congrats to hackers Brian Fountain, Justin Isaf, Harlie Levine, and Christopher Kennedy (pictured above)! If you are headed to SXSW next month, meet up with the team at the Mashery Circus Mashimus tent.

To learn more, check out our ACTIVE Access blog, here.


“Mobile First” at Recent BRAND-AID Conference

ACTIVE’s mobile guru, Courtney Ferguson, shares her recent presentation at BRAND-AID and why the rapper, Eminem, could teach us a thing or two about delighting customers through mobile. 

More iPhones were sold than babies born per day in the US last year, mobile design expert, Luke Wroblewski, said recently.

As I talked about this stat and how incredibly fast mobile technology is growing at a recent BRAND-AID presentation, I could tell that many walked away a little shell-shocked.

Organized by the cities of Grand Prairie, Arlington, and Grapevine, more than 100 Park and Recreation Departments from across the state of Texas recently came together to learn more about the latest trends in social media, marketing and mobile.

I spoke about how we now live in a “mobile first” world. Apps and websites must be designed and tailor-fitted with experiences optimized for these 80% smaller, mobile screens from day one. Not only do the experiences need to fit the device you’re using, but your data, service and content needs to be optimized as well.

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ACTIVE’s Couch-to-5K Mobile App Explodes Out of the Gates in 2013

Jamie Lee Curtis used our Couch-to-5K app to get race ready! Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

Now that we are nearly halfway through January, New Year’s Resolutions to get healthy in 2013 are in full swing!

Getting fit is the fifth most popular New Year’s Resolution, according to, and many turn to mobile apps to get active on the go.

Exploding out of the gates this year, ACTIVE’s Couch-to-5K running program app has seen a 173% increase in the number of downloads in the first week of January v. the first week of December 2012.

Since we launched the app in August 2011, more than ONE MILLION workouts have been completed…which means that our users have completed roughly as many miles as it would take to run to the moon and back…..four times!

ACTIVE’s Couch-to-5K is one of the top 10 paid apps within the Apple iTunes store Health and Fitness category, and the go-to 5K plan for actress Jamie Lee Curtis (we are seriously stoked about this…learn more below).

I sat down today with our mobile guru, Courtney Ferguson, to chat about all the hubbub.

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3 Tips for Designing a Killer Fitness App

Did you know that mobile apps in the Apple App Store tend to lose an average of 76 percent of their consumers after the first three months of use?

This means that you will need to create a highly engaging experience that fills a need in the marketplace. To attract users, keep them engaged, and support a revenue model there are some steps you need to consider before writing your first line of code.

1.       Identify the need in the marketplace: Are moms looking for apps that will help them identify and train with other local mothers interested in a running group? Is there an opportunity to capitalize on a fitness event garnering major consumer interest (i.e., the Olympics) and create an app to introduce new users to a particular sport?

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The Good, Bad, and Ugly: ACTIVE’s David Smith Gets Real @ Pass Summit 2012

Our own David P. Smith, Senior Director of Enterprise Architecture at ACTIVE Network, is presenting at Pass Summit 2012, the world’s largest and most intensive training for Microsoft SQL Server and BI professionals, happening this week in Seattle.

Put simply, SQL Server is used to manage and store information. ACTIVE Network’s ServiceU division was one of the first customers to go live with SQL Server 2012 and after extensive testing, has worked with the Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Server development teams for several years.

Deemed an expert and “MVP” by Microsoft on this specific technology, David will speak about, “The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Deploying AlwaysOn Availability Groups,” today at 1 p.m. PT. If you are at the show, go check it out. The complexities of getting this system into production aren’t frequently discussed, so this session will deal with real-world deployment scenarios and go into the working knowledge needed in order to implement the new high availability and disaster recovery technology in SQL Server 2012.

Earlier this week, David spoke about the technical implementation of SQL Server 2012 at ServiceU, how we used the technologies in our environment, best practices, and considerations for other customers when deciding what technologies to utilize.

Check out the live event, here.

Access Activities Anywhere with ACTIVE’s APIs

There’s growing evidence that online activities strongly influence offline actions, and marketers are increasingly looking for ways to bridge those two worlds.

Apps designed to support the active part of our lives – whether it’s running a race, achieving a goal or participating in a business event– are providing that bridge.

To that end, we just announced our new developer center and APIs that give developers access to its robust, global inventory of events and activities. This offering provides developers with a centralized hub where they can create custom apps drawing on the global inventory of events and activities listed on ACTIVE’s online media property,

ACTIVE Network has steadily grown its affiliate program with over 200 distribution partners to date including well-known brands such as espnW, Eventful, Fitness Magazine,, and Prevention.

By bringing all of its resources into this comprehensive, user friendly site, ACTIVE is making it easier for developers to design apps for activities, and also for organizations to obtain these kinds of insights.

Check it out, here.