ACTIVE Trend Report: Observations From TBI and USAT 2017 Conferences

From left to right: Sam Renouf, GM of Sports, ACTIVE Network; Richard Adler, President Triathlon Business International; Rob Urbach, CEO, USA Triathlon

Photo: Paul Phillips / Competitive Image / @compimagephoto


When Triathlon Business International and USA Triathlon came together to deliver a unified 2017 conference experience in ACTIVE’s home town of Dallas, ACTIVE welcomed conference goers to its headquarters to kick off both TBI’s annual business conference and USAT’s Race Director Symposium. Triathletes, race directors and industry leaders pedaled out fresh margaritas on the “blender bike” and downed fajitas slathered with guacamole. While this group had a good measure of fun at this year’s conferences, it also tackled some of the biggest issues facing triathlon today and into the future.

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New Year’s Resolution: Get More Kids in the Game

At the beginning of each year, people everywhere focus on setting new goals for themselves. For many, it’s health and wellness or professional goals. At ACTIVE, both personal (health and well-being) and professional aspects can be encompassed within the one goal because the company provides an entire ecosystem for improving the health of the community at-large as well as fulfilling personal goals. Today, for example, teams of employees built bicycles for the Dallas Police Department’s Police Athletic League (PAL), a youth crime prevention program that instills a sense of confidence, community and positivity in kids through youth recreation activities.

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There’s No Place Like Home, Especially During the Holidays

Group of human palms on all sides of a cut out house diagram with setting sun coming through window over water

Whether it’s time, gifts, money or food, opportunities to give during the holiday season are plentiful. Regardless of the season, any time is a good time to help improve a fellow human being’s quality of life. At ACTIVE, the act of giving has become part of our DNA as a company that lives the mission to make the world a more active place. ACTIVE employees constantly work to help as many people as possible, frequently raising money and awareness among themselves for various causes like “No-Shave November” and the ACTIVEx Charity Challenge that benefits Kids in the Game.

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ACTIVE Trend Report: How to Capitalize on Evolving Membership Models


The membership model that many gyms, health and fitness organizations have employed for decades is in the midst of a seismic cultural, technological and economic shift. Millennials, now the largest living generation in the US, are redefining value by prioritizing experiences over material things, customization over one-size-fits-all and social engagement over the exclusivity and certainty of the membership model. At the same time, technological advances that enable the “sharing economy” are increasing competition for Millennial dollars, as more affordable fitness options become widely available via services like ClassPass and fitness training apps. While Millennial spending on fitness outpaces the group’s overall consumption level, 72% think gym memberships are too expensive.

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ACTIVE Trend Report: Increased Millennial Interest in Camping is Driving Opportunity for Outdoors Industry Innovation


With Millennials having become the largest living generation in the US, it’s no surprise that this demographic is poised to significantly impact the growth or decline of various industries. Take the outdoors industry. While camping has long been a favored pastime for both families and groups of friends, an assessment of ACTIVE data collected and measured over the past 90 days suggests that more and more Millennials are now searching for available campground reservations.

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ACTIVE Race Director Sweepstakes Winner Draws Inspiration from IRONMAN® World Championship’s Diana Bertsch


Diana Bertsch, Race Director for the IRONMAN World Championship, and Barb at the welcome banquet

When ACTIVE introduced its Race Directors’ Sweepstakes to send one lucky winner to the IRONMAN® World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, endurance industry veteran, Barb McKeever, won the sweepstakes and received an all-expenses-paid trip, including a VIP spectator pass, to the event. In attending the triathlon industry’s most iconic events, Barb renewed her passion for championing, enabling, and motivating women to succeed in triathlon.

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ACTIVE Data Report: More and More Seniors Are Cycling Their Way to Better Heart Health



The American Heart Association (AHA) & Cycle Nation have teamed up to raise awareness for prevention of heart disease and strokes with a series of cycling events across the US, including ACTIVE’s hometown of Dallas. According to the AHA, cycling just 20 miles a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%. And Cycle Nation has determined that an adult cyclist typically has a level of fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger.

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ACTIVE Trend Report: Observations from NRPA Conference 2016


Earlier this month, ACTIVE attended the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) Annual Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Having served the Park and Rec market since 2002, we’ve seen the industry evolve to become more creative, connected and collaborative then ever before. And this year, we noted three trends, in particular, that represent opportunity for park and recreation organizations to flourish in the coming years.

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ACTIVE Data Report: Tips & Tricks for Using Facebook to Engage Athletes


Increasingly, our customers and partners approach us for data and insights that can help them implement social media strategies for growing participation in their events and delivering stand-out experiences for those participants. Like the customers we serve, we are keenly invested in leveraging social media, and particularly, Facebook to further our goal: to make the world a more active place.

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