Why Being Active Matters at ACTIVE

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This week, ACTIVE is joining more than 150 sports industry executives, athletes, physical education professionals and advocates for the “National Health Through Fitness Day” at Capitol Hill in Washington DC. ACTIVE is proud to support healthy and active lifestyles and for the opportunity to champion the value of activities offered to communities by organizations, including schools, local parks, YMCAs, and camps. Continue reading

What does being active mean to you?

What does being Active mean to you?As part of the Active Lifestyle contest, we asked customers ‘What does being active mean to you?’ Here is a selection of some of the wonderful responses received:

Living every day to the fullest

“Living every day to the fullest by renewing a commitment to exercise daily, eat nutritiously, and to educate all generations on the value of taking responsibility for one’s own health in all areas be it mental, physical, social, etc.” Continue reading