Event Technology Comes of Age

JR ShermanBy JR Sherman,
Senior Vice President, ACTIVE Network Business Solutions Group

Given today’s announcement about Cvent filing for Initial Public Offering (IPO), we wanted to provide ACTIVE’s perspective—we’re thrilled!

We’ve been here for years, but this represents another IPO in the event-technology industry.  It’s a milestone that demonstrates the evolution and growth of our space!

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Lessons EventProfs Can Learn From Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, business travel industry leader, Kevin Iwamoto, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy for the ACTIVE Network Business Solutions Group, shares his thoughtful reflection and insight. 

Photo by NASA via Getty Images

What a difference a few days make!  I was in Boston last week for literally one night to speak at the October MPI New England Chapter meeting on SMM. Less than a week later, the entire Eastern seaboard of the U.S. has been severely impacted by the convergence of several weather systems topped off by the biggest hurricane force ever to hit the East Coast, Hurricane Sandy.

What immediately came to my mind, was that all of my friends, family and associates were all safe from harm. Sure we can weather the lack of supplies and electricity, but the loss of life is immeasurable.

Kevin Iwamoto, ACTIVE Network

Ironically during my presentation, I spoke at length about Duty of Care, emergency contingency planning and risk mitigation focusing on cancellation & attrition clauses and force majeure. Think of all of the business meetings, conferences, association conventions, and trade shows that were booked and planned for in terms of business travel expenses, deposits, and more, that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy. To give you some semblance of perspective, check out these overview articles from MeetingsNet and PCMA. It boggles my mind that most companies are still clueless about doing the right thing for their staff and shareholders by the continuation of decentralized meetings and events and manual processes.

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