Mobile Technology Dials in Another Win at BlackBerry

Blackberry LiveCristina Simoes, Sr Manager, Conference & Events Management at BlackBerry, has the inside scoop on technology that will mobilize your badging process… literally. BlackBerry Live introduced the new mobile badge with RFID technology from ACTIVE Network earlier this year.

“We need to try new things and take chances,” said Simoes, at the ACTIVE Network Enterprise Meetings and Events Summit in San Francisco, CA. Simoes wowed attendees at the event with a live demo of the progressive mobile event technology that delivered:

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KONA-Inspired. IRONMAN 2013 World Championship

Kona kick offWe are KONA-inspired after spending a weekend with over 2,100 athletes at this year’s IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. From start to finish, it was motivational watching these athletes complete the 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and a 26.2-mile run, earning the coveted IRONMAN title.

Since 1999, our technology platform has helped more than 150,000 athletes compete in IRONMAN. Earlier this year, we were humbled to expand our relationship with IRONMAN as the Official Registration Partner and Official Global Sponsor of IRONMAN through 2015.

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HACKTIVE 2013 Recap


It was a long and exciting 24 hours for those who participated in ACTIVE Network’s first public HACKATHON. College students, professional designers, and developers born to code brought forth their best efforts and worked tirelessly to “hack” our existing API’s in a creative attempt to develop new ways to create access to activities everywhere.

After a sleepless 24 hours, the hacking officially came to a halt at noon on Sunday. Participants presented their final products to our impressive panel of judges (who, by the way, were on-site to coach and support ideation throughout the night)!

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We’re Back from the First Global Triathlon Conference in London

gtc4 (2)We’re back and inspired after an exciting two days at the Global Triathlon Conference in London. This was the first global conference run by Triathlon Business International (TBI), the world’s leading organization dedicated to promoting the sport and business of triathlon.  The focus of the conference was on the growth and globalization of triathlons, making it even more important to bring together event directors, retailers, manufactures, athletes, coaches and industry executives to further develop and expand the industry.

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Your Course, Your Golfers

ACTIVE Network’s golf course management software, with low-price guarantee, enables clients to build successful online strategies for the future.

Ed Mullen, ACTIVE Network GolfEd Mullen
ACTIVE Network, Golf

The golf industry is changing at a very fast pace in terms of how golfers research, find and book your golf facility. If a golf course wants to remain competitive in today’s market, then it is vitally important to create a strategy that drive golfers to your club’s website first—not only to book tee times, but to review all of the activities at your club.

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