P&R Marketing Idea: Facebook Cover Photo Contest

Facebook-cover-contest-thumbThe key to social media success is engagement. But creating engagement sounds a lot easier than it really is. At ACTIVE World 2013, Henry and I had the opportunity to sit at a round-table discussion with a great group of our clients to discuss different marketing strategies that have or have not been working for organizations. Social media engagement, or maybe the lack thereof, was a hot topic.

So we had an idea. Here is a fun way to use your cover photos to create engagement on your Facebook page and encourage community participation:

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5 Facebook Mistakes To Avoid (That You Haven’t Heard Before)

Image source: localpulsemarketing.com

Your organization has a Facebook page. Maybe you set one up because everyone else has one so or you heard about hundreds of millions of users and Googled, “How to set up a Facebook page.” Either way, we were all rookie users at one point (still are in many ways) and searched for the how-to articles. But once you did some more reading and posting on your own, you probably came across the basic mistakes to avoid like “not listening to your audience” and “posting too often.”    Continue reading

The Silent Bomb: 6 Post-IPO Facebook Changes That Impact You

Source: www.blottr.com

They say that IPOs kill innovation. Facebook went public back on May 18 and it tanked, but that’s not the story here. The largest social network has made multiple small updates since its first day of trading that point to the changing philosophy of Facebook. For non-profits and community organizations, we want to bring your attention to the changes and show how they affect you as brand page owners:   Continue reading

10 Killer Facebook Cover Images for Community Organizations

By now, we all know about Facebook’s new look: the timeline. At the end of March, all Facebook brand pages were switched to the timeline with the opportunity to post a “cover image” at the top. And since we all know a picture says a thousand words, you can use this space to send a powerful message to your Facebook visitors. Some of the YMCAs, parks and recreation agencies, and community organizations we work with have posted great covers already. Here are ten you can learn from:        Continue reading

Facebook Timeline is Coming: 5 Ways to Prepare and Prosper

facebook's timeline cover image

From videos to tweets, blog posts to pictures and every type of media in between, you can build your recreation brand through social media. And the new Facebook Timeline will help you tell your story and connect with the community in a more interactive way.    Continue reading