3 Questions to Ask Before Building a Mobile App or Website

RS16283_163641223_47Mobile phones have come a long way from clunky sci-fi devices to sleek pocket computers. If you have a smart phone, you’re most likely attached to it because it can do just about everything. And even if you don’t have one, you probably hear everyone talking about how mobile is the next frontier. That’s because by 2015 the number of mobile application downloads will reach 98 billion, according to Berg Insight. For the web, mobile devices already account for 10% of total global internet traffic (KPCB).

But at the same time, organizations need to pump the breaks on their mobile strategy. One major mistake is to take the “because everyone else has an app” approach. To guard against that and to see where your organization stands on the mobile front, ask yourself these three simple questions before jumping head first into the mobile game: Continue reading

10 ACTIVE.com Mobile Stats to Instantly Change Your Strategy

By 2014, mobile internet usage will surpass desktop internet usage. What does that mean if you don’t have a mobile-optimized website or a mobile app? In fewer than two years, more people will see your website on their phones rather than their computers. This is serious people. Check out some mobile stats.

At ACTIVE Network, we see how quickly mobile is changing the world. On top of that, our goal is to make the world a more active place and going mobile is a natural extension of that. If people can access recreation programs, workout classes, races, events, and more right from their pockets, the world will be more active place. Today, we want to show you our stats in order to show how quickly things are changing:    Continue reading

Top 10 Recreation Apps To Inspire Your Mobile Strategy

In 2011, the number of smartphones sold exceeded the number of PCs sold (10 Mobile Statistics You Need to Hear). With the internet, email, and apps right in their pockets, people access the world from the palms of their hands. That’s why cities, parks and recreation departments, and other community organizations have built mobile apps to connect with visitors and customers to inspire activity. Here are ten mobile apps that will help you with some ideas when you develop a great app for your organization:

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10 Mobile Statistics You Need to Hear

mobile stats

Source: crunchbase.com

Mobile phones don’t just produce a bunch of OMGs and LOLs anymore. Everyone has a smart phone or will have one someday. People use their phones to do everything their computers can do, right from their pockets. This means that organizations need to start paying attention. Here are ten stats to show that it’s time to start thinking about connecting with customers through mobile:  Continue reading